Client Reviews

Posted by Dave on August 11, 2017

  • “From the moment I first spoke with Alan I felt like someone had my back. That alone made me feel so much better immediately. From there he stuck by me, answered my questions, gave me excellent advice and got my case resolved. He is amazing!!! He is the first one I will turn to if I have any legal issues and the first one I will recommend. I can’t thank you enough “

Posted by W.F. Casey on November 22, 2016

  • “They Fought the Big Guys and Won. After years of litigation against one of the largest corporations in the world, Alan and his team will be delivering a huge check from the defendants. Thank You. It pays to have a Board Certified Trial Lawyer.”

Karen, Posted on Google in July 2017

  • “Alan Wagner provided my sisters and I excellent advice that included a referral to an excellent Tampa estate attorney who was able to clean up a mess created by a Sarasota estate attorney we had hired and another our mother had hired thinking she was preparing her estate carefully. He was always very generous of his time as a sage advisor even though he had no financial gain from our case.”

Posted by “A Very Appreciative Client”, April 26, 2016:

  • “It is very difficult to write a complete review of Mr. Alan Wagner because no words exist to adequately describe his unmatched skill and compassion. However, I will attempt to do my best here…After being devastatingly injured from others’ negligence and faced with an extremely disadvantaged legal dilemma as a result, I came across Mr. Wagner’s website and made an office appointment with him. When we met, I was instantly struck by his polished legal acumen and his deep sincerity, but those were only simple indicators of his extraordinary expertise and dedication to seeking justice for his clients as well as to the integrity of the legal profession overall. Over the months that followed and as my attorney, he was outstanding in every way but of considerable noteworthiness was his near immediate responses in clearly addressing convoluted or unexpected changes in my case as it progressed through the legal process, or just to ease my personal anxiety in general, even while he was on vacation in another country. In handling my case, his diligence and empathy intensified during the most pessimistic and uncertain times, and he ultimately prevailed in ensuring the best possible results for me.”Getting seriously injured by another is frightening and traumatic in and of itself, the daunting legal process added to it can overwhelm an individual (and their loved ones) to paralyzing levels emotionally. If you have been seriously injured due to another’s actions, ensure you get strongest, kindest, most skilled, and advantageous legal representation available- call Mr. Alan Wagner … it would be impossible to find a finer attorney (or individual) anywhere.

Posted by Frances February 15, 2016:

  • “I was struck by a car while crossing the street. I wanted to settle the case out of court and went to a lawyer in my hometown in IN who referred me to another lawyer in Indianapolis. He, in turn, referred me to Mr. Alan Wagner in FL because of the different auto insurance laws in FL as opposed to Indiana. My husband and I met Mr. Wagner while vacationing in FL in February of 2015, a year after my accident. I didn’t want to sue and explained that to Mr. Wagner and he was so easy to talk to and began the process as soon as I left his office! I also had many contacts via e-mail with him throughout the past year and he answered my every question promptly. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needed an excellent lawyer. He has a wonderful, professional work ethic and a great sense of humor. I am very honored to have had to opportunity to have him as my lawyer. Thank you very much for your wonderful help, Mr. Wagner!”

Posted on Avvo by TB, October 16, 2015:

  • “Alan Wagner is a solid advocate of honest, hardworking individuals injured by others’ negligence….He was so clear in his communication and sincerity that I forgot I was talking with an expert of his caliber.….If suddenly injured by another’s disregard or negligence, you need the most ethical, skilled, sympathetic, transparent, and insightful legal advocate to not only stop your losses but to also ensure you are justly compensated for them. That advocate is Mr. Alan Wagner…simply stated, he is exceptional in every way.”

Posted on Avvo by a client, Sept. 23, 2015

  • “I needed legal advice: I called this firm and Alan Wagner took my call immediately….[He] was outstanding, particularly due to the fact that I had never spoken to him prior to today. He even took the time to help me understand some current legal documents that were unclear… knowing that there was no financial gain for him. This type of character speaks volumes! [T]his man is exceptional! He is the definition of integrity, as there was no doubt that he embodies a genuine concern /care for humanity.If ever I, or my family has to hire a lawyer, Alan Wagner is the first person that I will call. Thank you again Alan! You reignited my faith that there are still professional lawyers that do care about people.”

Posted on Avvo by Chris, July 23, 2015:

  • “Alan Wagner took our case when numerous other lawyers would not. Though he knew that his return on investment would be low, he was willing to accept the case on principle. My wife and I didn’t even have time to stop celebrating the fact that someone was willing to take the case before he actually had it settled….[H]e got every dime returned to us, with the payment plan in place in a matter of days from accepting the case. I can’t say enough about his professionalism, demeanor, and knowledge.”

Posted on Facebook November 26, 2012:

  • “This law firm has the most compassionate, kind and caring lawyers I have seen ever. Alan Wagner is an especially ethical and professional attorney. I believe all of the attorneys in this firm to be the same. I am so pleased to know of such ethical, knowledgeable attorneys in the Tampa Bay area.”-Ms. Kimberly Clemons

Posted on Avvo by Chris, January 3, 2012:

  • “I could go on and on about Alan Wagner. I contacted him via his website and 30 minutes later I was on the phone with him himself….He walked me through the entire process and, what had taken years with another attorney, took care of everything in about 90 days.”