Injured While at a Concert?

injured at a concert

Injured while at a concert

Going to a live concert is fun and exciting. At these events, there are usually throngs of people who share the same excitement and interests in seeing the featured act perform live. The adrenaline level throughout the crowd is generally sky high. Unfortunately, it’s not only people’s adrenaline levels that shoot really high. At too many concerts, you may find yourself surrounded by a great multitude of people who are drunk, stoned on drugs, or a combination of the two. In these situations, innocent concert attendees can be injured at concerts that are allowed to get out of hand.

Concerts are a big business. Concert promoters, the performing group, the arena owners, and a wide variety of other people make big money off of attracting people to come to and spend money at their concerts. The rule of thumb is often: the more, the merrier. Concert organizers often create a rowdy environment knowing – or should have knowing – that the surrounding environment presented unreasonable dangers to the young people who show up in droves. If you have been injured while attending a concert, don’t immediately assume that it was your fault. The concert organizers or venue owner may be responsible for your injuries, provided those injuries stem from negligence.

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If you have been injured at a concert or anywhere else, you need the help of a professional personal injury attorney that specializes in litigating these types of cases in Florida. Don’t take chances with just any lawyer to handle your personal injury case. The lawyer that you hired for your last divorce or a DUI may not have the training and experience needed to litigate your personal injury case. Personal injury lawyers should possess the specific knowledge and experience to analyze your case and fight hard to get you the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

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laundry pod danger

dangers to children, Laundry podsDo you know what a “laundry pod” is? Laundry pods are small plastic-coated devices that contain liquid or powder detergent. There are laws in Florida concerning the labeling and distribution of laundry pods. These regulations are designed to protect children from choking and poisoning injuries or deaths. Manufacturers distribute laundry pods in larger cardboard or plastic containers that are sold in a variety of stores in Florida. Consumers purchase laundry pods because the items are convenient to use, but the items are considered hazardous to children.

1: Laundry Pods Look Similar to Toys or Food

When children see laundry pods on a washing machine or countertop, the items may look like candy or toys. Infants and toddlers put laundry pods into their mouths instinctively because the items smell fragrant and have a bright color.

2: Laundry Pods Cause Suffocation

The slippery plastic laundry pods slide down a child’s airway easily, leading to almost instant suffocation from choking. Removing a laundry pod is difficult because the item wedges in a child’s airway.

3: Laundry Pods Melt Inside the Throat

The plastic material of laundry pods is designed to melt in a washing machine, but it also melts in a child’s throat, causing the detergent to leak into a child’s stomach. The chemicals in the detergent are poisonous, leading to additional health risks.

4: Intense Vomiting from Laundry Pods

After ingesting the detergent accidentally from a laundry pod, a child will begin to cough and vomit, causing more damage to the child’s airway and throat. Some of the damage can include chemical burns.

5: Chemicals Burns, Seizures or Coma

When children swallow or aspirate the detergents or chemicals contained in laundry pods, it can lead to respiratory distress, seizures, or even a coma. Due to a young child’s small body size, it takes merely a small amount of detergent, ingested by a small child, before a laundry pod becomes dangerous.

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fog warning


Tips on Driving Safely in Fogfog warning

Fog is a major threat to traffic safety, especially in Florida and other areas of the Southeast. Motorists involved in fog-related accidents will probably need legal assistance, the type available from Tampa personal injury attorneys. Fortunately, there are some driving tips that you can follow that will help to keep you out of trouble in the first place.

Watch Your Speed and Distance

In addition to obstructing your visibility, fog distorts your speed and your distance to fixed objects and other vehicles. Reducing your speed below the posted limit and monitoring your speedometer can greatly lower the risk of running into something. In the event you need to stop due to zero visibility, drive as far off the pavement as possible and turn off your lights to prevent someone from thinking you are still on the road.

Use Your Lights Carefully

You will need your lights, especially in the dark, but keep them on low beam to prevent a reflection that can totally wash out your visibility. Fog lights, which are usually mounted on the bumper, can be beneficial because they are aimed at the ground and can reduce the reflection problem.

Watch the Road Carefully

You should use for reference the right side of the pavement or the line marking the edge, especially on undivided roads. Use of the centerline could guide your vehicle closer to the oncoming lane, and an opposing driver doing the same can result in a head-on collision.

Avoid Driving Distractions

Fog or other bad weather conditions demand your full concentration on your driving. This is not the time to tune into your favorite music station or to converse with your passengers, unless they are specifically giving you information to help you navigate. You need to watch the road, watch out for lights and signs and, especially, make sure you are keeping a safe distance from vehicles ahead of you.

If You Experience an Accident

If you have been involved in a fog-related accident, Tampa personal injury attorneys can provide you with the legal assistance you deserve. This is why you should consider turning to the law firm of Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore. We have years of experience in automobile-related injury cases and would be happy to discuss your case with you.