How your Phone can Cause a Car Accident

phones can cause car accidents

driving while on the phoneThe popularity of cell phones and mobile devices has increased significantly over the last few years. Unfortunately, that means that so has the frequency of accidents caused by the usage of these cell phones. Sometimes those accidents have deadly consequences. The numbers, according to Tampa personal injury attorneys, are growing at an alarming rate:

Consider that nearly 10 people each and every day are killed or injured due to cell phone related accidents on the United States highways. Studies have shown that most of these individuals who use cell phones while driving are under the age of thirty.

What Can You Do To Help?
If you want to help decrease those tragic numbers, there are a few things you can do. First, give clear instructions if you’re allowing someone to take your car. Before your teenager even gets his or her drivers’ license, be sure that you emphasize how dangerous it is for them to use a cell phone or other electronic device while they are driving.

Also, lead by example! A parent does not want to tell their teen driver that he should not drive and use his cell phone, but yet the teen sees the parent do so. Set rules for your teenager, the rest of your household, and yourself as well. Also, consider becoming informed and active. Tell friends and family about the dangers of driving while using a cell phone. Join clubs or organizations that preach safety first.

Retain a Personal Injury Attorney
If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident due to the cell phone usage of another driver, be sure to benefit from the experience of Florida personal injury attorneys. The attorneys at Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore are experienced in this area and are here to help you receive the justice, and compensation, you deserve.