Our Mission Is to Recover Just Compensation for Our Clients’ Losses.

The “results” page — one found on most law firms’ websites — where firms try to entice you to sign up with them simply by flashing in front of you brief descriptions of some of the cases they have won or settled, followed by one or more six or seven-digit dollar amounts recovered for their clients.

It is often quite easy for a lawyer to settle a two-million dollar case for one-million dollars. It’s not only easy – it’s good for the lawyer, since he or she earns a percentage of that recovery and can walk away with bragging rights at having settled a “million dollar case.” While such a settlement may be great for the lawyer, it obviously disserves the client.

Let’s face it, most clients do not know the difference between a $1,000,000 case and a $2,000,000 one; they depend on their lawyer for that advice and evaluation. Unfortunately, too many lawyers sell their clients short by putting their own self-interest ahead of their clients’ interests in settling cases at a lower dollar amount than they should be settled for.

Here at Wagner McLaughlin, we do not just settle cases – and certainly not for more cheaply than they should be settled.

Good lawyers maximize the value of high-dollar recoveries, while they work equally hard on tough lower-value cases. Our lawyers do both.

Of course, we have settled, tried, and won multi-million dollar cases. Indeed, our lawyers have gone up against huge insurance companies, hospitals (see our medical malpractice attorney Tampa page), and other large and powerful corporations and have obtained millions of dollars for our clients. But that is not everyday business. More often, we are fighting hard for the so-called “little guy” — and we will go to every length possible to see that he or she wins the battle.

Our mission is to make sure our clients get just compensation for their losses – and that mission doesn’t change with the price tag.

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Don’t be fooled by a dollar sign next to a big number. Every case is different. Our clients don’t need lawyers who can win John Doe’s case; they need lawyers who can win their case. We’ve been trying cases for nearly half a century, and we’ve gained the knowledge and experience necessary to take on a variety of cases on behalf of injured plaintiffs.

If you would like, we are happy to discuss with you the many successes we have had over the past 45-plus years that we have been representing injured plaintiffs, and only injured plaintiffs. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail — or request a free case-evaluation today by pressing the appropriate tab on the right margin of this page. The team at Wagner McLaughlin wants to be your voice in court.


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