Bus Pile Up: Who is Responsible for Injury Compensation?

Tampa bus Injury lawyers

bus accidentsAt the time of a motor vehicle accident, injured parties are not contemplating their legal rights and remedies. They have one objective: recover from what is often an extremely traumatic event.

Bus accident cases magnify issues injured parties are forced to deal with: medical expenses, liability issues, deadlines and receiving adequate compensation commensurate with their injuries.

Liability issues are often the most difficult to determine, even for the most experienced attorney. Common questions abound in bus accident cases such as: was the bus driver intoxicated? Was the bus driver properly trained? Were the other vehicles involved in the accident at fault?

Most often, it is some combination of factors that determine liability in bus accident cases. Due to the complexity of these issues, it is recommended that only attorneys that have handled such matters in the past should be consulted with and retained by clients seeking Tampa bus injury lawyers.

The attorneys at Wagner McLaughlin have over fifty years of experience servicing the citizens of Tampa FL. If you are seeking an accident attorney in Tampa FL, Wagner McLaughlin has the experience clients deserve and require.

Parties injured in a motor vehicle accident should focus on recovery from the injuries suffered at the time of the accident. Recovery requires focus and dedication, and the stress and anxiety involved in dealing with insurance companies, deadlines and medical billing offices can exacerbate a client’s already-painful and debilitating injuries.

If you have been involved in a bus accident, the Tampa bus injury lawyers that possess the level of experience clients deserve are the attorneys at Wagner McLaughlin. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle or bus accident, call us today and schedule a consultation at 813-225-4000.

Tampa FL cruise ship injury lawyers

Tampa FL cruise ship injury lawyersThe world looked on at the horrifying case of an Indiana grandfather whose 18 month-old granddaughter fell to her death through an open window on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Thankfully, more attention is now being directed at injuries and accidents that occur on these ships each year. From sprains and strains to food poisoning, slip and fall accidents, and even sexual assaults, injuries happen more frequently than many imagine. If you are planning a cruise or have been injured in a cruise ship accident, here is why you should speak with Tampa FL cruise ship injury lawyers at Wagner McLaughlin.

Common Cruise Ship Accidents
While on a cruise ship, you can be involved in many types of accidents that lead to serious injuries. Common examples include slipping and falling on decks or stairways, contracting a serious form of bacterial spread, including the pneumonia known as Legionnaires’ disease, bedbug bites from unclean linens and cabins, food poisoning from improperly cooked food, being injured from items that fall or move unexpectedly during rough seas, and many other accidents. If you are injured in these or other accidents, consult as soon as possible with experienced Tampa FL cruise ship injury lawyers.

How To Stay Safe
To keep from getting broken bones, lacerations, or other severe injuries while on a cruise ship, there are crucial steps you can take while on board. These include preparing well for your trip, which can consist of being up-to-date on vaccines and bringing along all necessary medications. Along with this, you can also research the cruise line to make sure it does not have a history of passenger injuries and accidents.

While using common sense in these situations will often help you avoid injuries and accidents, unexpected incidents can still happen. If they do and result in you or a loved one being seriously injured, schedule a consultation with Wagner McLaughlin. We would be happy to discuss your case with you, at no cost to you.

parking accident

Tampa Fl injury lawyersParking lots are much more dangerous than many people realize. It’s not just the fact that there are always cars moving in and out – there are also countless pedestrians wandering through, not always paying attention to where they are or where they are going. If you have been injured in a parking lot, you may wonder if compensation is even a possibility. The Tampa FL injury lawyers at Wagner McLaughlin can help you determine whether you may be due recovery for any injury that you have suffered.

As with most personal injury lawsuits, you’re going to need to establish a few things in order to get compensation. The first, and most important, is that you have to be injured in a way that the law recognizes as recoverable. Being bumped by a car and having to miss a movie isn’t an injury – but being knocked down and having to go to the ER to deal with your injuries is another matter. You’ll also need to show that those injuries were, in fact, the fault of another party – almost always through either their negligent or reckless actions. For this, you’ll need the help of a good Tampa personal injury law firm.

Experienced Tampa Fl injury lawyers are going to be your most important allies if you wish to get compensation. Not only are they going to help you figure out if your injuries actually rise to the level at which compensation is possible, but your attorney will help you figure out what steps to take next. In some cases, this means pursuing a lawsuit. In others, it may mean negotiating with an insurance company to get a reasonable settlement.

The only way you can figure this out, though, is to talk to an experienced attorney. If you’ve been hurt, make sure to contact the Tampa personal injury law firm of Wagner McLaughlin.

Tampa FL helicopter accident lawyers

Tampa FL helicopter accident lawyersHelicopter crashes can result in significant personal injuries and sometimes death. When a helicopter pilot acted negligently in his or her operation of the aircraft, then their insurer may be liable to compensate those who sustain injuries. If you or a loved one have been injured in a helicopter crash accident, contact the Tampa FL helicopter accident lawyers from Wagner McLaughlin.

What happens in a helicopter crash accident case?
If there is evidence of negligence that causes a helicopter crash accident, then a claim for damages may be pursued. Examples of negligent behavior may include:

Failing to follow proper procedures
Ignoring certain risks
Violating helicopter laws
Piloting in a reckless manner
If the negligent behavior caused injuries, then a claim may be brought against the pilot. If the crash occurred while the pilot was in the course of their employment with a business, depending on the circumstances, then a claim may also be brought against the employer.

How can an attorney help?
Because helicopter crash accident cases can be complex, you should seek out the advice of personal injury lawyers in Tampa who have experience with helicopter cases. These personal injury lawyers in Tampa can provide representation and will know how to advise you in seeking the most favorable outcome.

The Tampa FL helicopter accident lawyers from Wagner McLaughlin are available to answer your questions and assist you with the process. We advocate vigorously on the behalf of all of our clients, and we would be honored to help ensure the compensation that you are due. Contact us for assistance with your case.
pubic comfort room accidents

Tampa Fl law firmBathroom jokes are all the rage, but it’s no laughing matter when someone gets hurt in a public bathroom and needs to look for an accident law firm in Tampa to help them recover. The Tampa FL law firm of Wagner McLaughlin has experience in a host of cases and knows how serious they can be, all jokes aside.

Property owners have a legal responsibility to keep public bathrooms reasonably safe and clean at all times. They are supposed to prevent things such as leaks, overflows, and cracked flooring from being an issue in a bathroom that they provide to the public. Tampa personal injury lawyers know that these are some of the major causes of public bathroom accidents, and they are all preventable causes.

As a public bathroom accident law firm in Tampa, Wagner McLaughlin wants everyone to know that they have rights when it comes to compensation for a public bathroom accident. The worst thing that could happen is that someone doesn’t come forward for justice because they are embarrassed or because they feel like they are the cause of the problem.

Some of the most common injuries resulting from accidents in a public bathroom include sprains, back injuries, head injuries, and spine injuries. These can be very serious, and it is not all that surprising to realize just how serious they can be when you think about someone slipping and falling on a hard bathroom floor. These types of injuries may result in someone’s hospitalization or in extreme cases even their death.

The owner of any building that provides public bathrooms needs to maintain adequate safety in those bathrooms, and they must take all reasonable actions to make and keep them that way. Anything short of that can amount to negligence, giving rise to an action in court. Contact Wagner McLaughlin today to discuss your case.

Tampa personal injury attorneys

Tampa personal injury attorneysIf you think ATV accidents and injuries are not serious, think again. In Oklahoma, a 19 month-old boy died when a family friend’s ATV was left in gear and lurched forward, pinning the child between the ATV and a car. Unfortunately, accidents involving ATVs happen to people of all ages, and the injuries can be devastating, if not fatal. If you or a loved one have been injured in an ATV accident, it is important to work closely with experienced Tampa personal injury attorneys – such as those at Wagner McLaughlin. Our attorneys can answer all your questions and guide you through the steps necessary to gain appropriate compensation.

Why These Accidents Happen
In many cases, an ATV accident occurs due to the rider not having proper training in how to operate the vehicle. In other instances, the rider may choose not to wear a helmet, resulting in serious head injuries upon crashing. Finally, some accidents happen due to design defects in the vehicle itself, often involving the steering and brakes. Regardless of the reason for the accident, injuries frequently result – and those injuries often prove serious. If you require legal help for an ATV accident, work with ATV injury attorneys in Tampa at Wagner McLaughlin.

Types of ATV Injuries
When an ATV accident does take place, various types of serious injuries can occur. The most common include concussions and skull fractures that often result in traumatic brain injuries, broken arms, legs, and ribs, back and neck injuries, and damage to internal organs. In some accidents where back injuries occur, the victim may be paralyzed for life. Sadly, most of these accidents take place due to the negligence and carelessness of others. If you or a loved one were a victim of another person’s carelessness while operating an ATV, do not hesitate to contact ATV injury attorneys in Tampa for a no-expense consultation. Our experienced Tampa personal injury attorneys at Wagner McLaughlin are here to help.

Personal injury attorneys in tampa

Personal injury attorneys in tampaAuto accidents involving animal-drawn buggy vehicles are not standard mishaps. Buggies are effectively pedestrians on the highway, but just as in a premise liability claim, the actions of the buggy operator can come into play during the case negotiation. However, the legal dynamics are much different, including responsibility and insurance coverage. Accident cases can be much like a walker being struck by a vehicle, but the buggy is still considered a vehicle of sorts even though it is being driven by muscle power of an animal, typically a horse or burro. Cases can be complicated when the issue goes to court, and negotiations can be difficult as well when the respondent insurance company wants to contest a claim. That is why it is essential to have an experienced legal representative like Wagner McLaughlin personal injury attorneys in Tampa in any buggy accident.

Vehicle Category

An animal-drawn buggy is not considered a highway vehicle in Florida even though they can legally use the road. The Florida law specifically states the difference in vehicles is established by motorized or muscle power as a means of propelling the vehicle. Dune buggies are motorized and classed as off-highway vehicles, and they also do not require registration. Horse-drawn buggies should always display some basic safety awareness placards or a flag per some regulations of the particular highways, and multi-lane roads are not authorized routes. Where an accident happens can make a major difference with respect to negligence and a reasonable duty of care exercised by the driver of any involved vehicle.

Case Complications

The primary case complication in buggy accidents is insurance protection and responsibility. Florida uses no-fault accident law, but buggy operators are not required to carry PIP policies even when they use the roadway. This means injury claims must be filed with the opposing driver’s insurance company, which will also want a responsibility determination from the court. Even when a buggy is involved, accident cases will still be presented in court for authorization to pursue damages.

Anyone who has been involved in a buggy accident should retain legal counsel as soon as possible because of legal technicalities in collecting damages. Always call Wagner McLaughlin personal injury attorneys in Tampa for comprehensive representation.

accident inide the museum while watching

accident inide the museum while watchingHurt while visiting a museum? Supporting your community and patronizing the arts are noble efforts you should feel good about, not come away from with unexpected injuries. Museums are well-funded and can be owned by government entities, so it is wise not to try fighting one alone if you are injured on a visit. Wagner McLaughlin’s personal injury attorneys in Tampa can help you get compensated for your misfortune was caused by the negligence of the museum, its contractors, or its staff.

Museums owe you safety.

Museums must block incomplete or in-progress construction, installations and exhibits from the general public. They are liable when negligently insufficient security and guard coverage leads to incidents – including from something as unlikely but dangerous as aggressive robbery attempts. Also, museum staff must position sculptures and visual installations with jagged edges or sharp hooks in a safe manner that keeps visitors from coming into close contact.

Common injuries during museum visits include:

Slips and falls, on level floors and stairs
Shocks or burns from digitally-interactive exhibits
Fractures and breaks from unsecured or unsafe objects, pieces or installations
Poor crowd management incidents

In a New Orleans museum, an art handler recently suffered near fatal injuries and disabilities after a weak room-dividing partition fell on him. That is just one example of what can happen – and what unexpected dangers might befall museum patrons.

Museums must perform safety checks and monitoring activities as a normal part of their supervision. When their failure to do so amounts to negligence, and a patron has been hurt from their inaction, the museum bears legal responsibility for the damages that result.

Do not delay. Get a lawyer involved now.

An attorney helps evaluate what the museum is liable for. This may include your medical bills, treatment costs, pain, suffering, and lost wages.

Do not wait until hospital discharge or full recovery to acquire an attorney.And it’s a good idea to write a narrative while the details are still fresh in your mind.
The experienced attorneys at Wagner McLaughlin can overcome a museum’s PR spins and obstinate insurance companies to represent you formidably. Trusting these personal injury attorneys in Tampa can free you up to focus on what matters most: your healing.
Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys

Tampa Personal Injury AttorneysMany Americans and others around the world love to go to a sports stadium to cheer on their favorite team in their latest sports triumphs. However, there can be some danger in those stadiums as well, and people have been injured.

It is extremely important to look into hiring Tampa personal injury attorneys for any kind of stadium-related injury that may occur as a result of being in a stadium and enjoying the game. Some people attempt to settle things out of court or handle this type of case themselves, but that can be unwise, as y could be ripped off and denied your rights if you do. The most advisable course is to turn to seasoned lawyers in these types of cases – and Wagner McLaughlin is among the most experienced plaintiffs’ trial attorneys anywhere.

The most common type of stadium accident that occurs is a traditional slip and fall. It is easy to see how someone might enter a portion of a stadium that has not been properly cleaned up or maintained. When that occurs, it may be the case that they get into a situation where they slip on some dropped food or standing water, as examples. This could cause them to fall and result in serious injury in some cases. Luckily, the Tampa personal injury attorneys at this firm have seen such cases and know how to handle them.

Sports stadium owners purchase large insurance policies for themselves and frequently have a large team of lawyers on their side working to prevent recovery. A hurt patron needs help on his or her side to balance those scales out. Get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers. We’d be honored to help.

accident attorney in Tampa FL

accident attorney in Tampa FLOver the past several years, the use of motor scooters across the United States has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, so have the number of accidents resulting in serious injuries. A prime example is Dallas, where just in the past six months Baylor University Medical Center reported having seven injured scooter riders requiring major surgery. While such factors as failing to wear a helmet or obey basic safety rules sometimes play a role, many accidents involve motorists who are careless behind the wheel. If you were riding a motor scooter and sustained serious injuries, here are some important ways an accident attorney in Tampa FL at Wagner McLaughlin can help.

Document Your Injuries
If you are injured in a motor scooter accident, visit a doctor or hospital to have your injuries treated and documented in your medical records. The primary reason to do so? You will get the medical attention you need for a full recovery. The second reason? By doing so, it will be more difficult for insurance companies and others to claim you were not injured due to the accident.

Multiple Parties May be to Blame
If you were injured while using a motorized scooter from such services as Bird or Lime, there may be multiple parties at fault for your accident. For example, if a car hit you while you were riding the scooter, you may be able to sue not only the car’s driver (provided the driver was negligent), but the scooter company may have liability as well for, among other possible reasons, not providing safe scooters or failing to explain how to safely use the scooters.

Take Photos
If you can, try to take photos of your accident. Include not only your visible injuries, but also damage to the vehicle that hit you, any nearby property damage, and stop signs or traffic signals that may have been ignored by the driver.

Your attorney will discuss all of the factors with you and determine whether you have a good shot at recovering compensation for your medical bills and other damages. Schedule a consultation as soon as possible with an accident attorney in Tampa FL at Wagner McLaughlin.