Traits to Look for When Hiring An Attorney: Hard Work and Dedication


lawyersTraits to Look for When Hiring An Attorney: Hard Work and Dedication

The unthinkable happened and you find yourself in need of a personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL. With nearly half a century of experience, you can rest assured that Wagner McLaughlin has what it takes to maximize your chances at settlement, mediation, or trial.

Why Focus on Hard Work and Dedication When Choosing an Attorney?

Since 1967, Wagner McLaughlin has measured our success one client at a time. Our countless satisfied clients emphasize our strong work ethic and dedication to speaking up for the injured.

Dedicated to only working with injured plaintiffs, we provide clients with proper representation every time. Our passion for hard work and dedication to justice shows in our customer testimonials.

Nothing Beats a Client Testimonial on Hard Work and Dedication

According to L.,

Kevin McLaughlin is one of the most honest and hard-working people that my husband and I have had the pleasure to deal with. We would both highly recommend him and his whole firm to anyone seeking legal assistance.”

How Wagner McLaughlin Can Help

The legal system can feel overwhelming. When you’ve been injured by the actions or inactions of another, there are many difficult days ahead. The personal injury attorneys in Tampa, FL at the law firm of Wagner McLaughlin want to ease some of that burden. Through our hard work and dedication extended to each case, you can rest assured you are in good hands.

“Alan Wagner is a solid advocate of honest, hardworking individuals injured by others’ negligence…. If suddenly injured by another’s disregard or negligence, you need the most ethical, skilled, sympathetic, transparent, and insightful legal advocate to not only stop your losses but to also ensure you are justly compensated for them.” T.B.

If another law firm failed to provide the service you deserve, and their negligence led you to lose your case, we suggest you consult with us to determine if aa legal malpractice lawsuit is in order. If you are in need of a Tampa, FL law firm, reach out to Wagner McLaughlin today and we’ll help correct your course.

Where Do We Go from Here?

When you need a personal injury attorney in Tampa FL, contact Wagner McLaughlin for a free consultation and allow our years of experience to help you today. Our team is eager to offer the hope you need as you move forward in your journey toward healing.

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good communication

good communicationTraits to Look for in Hiring an Attorney: Good Communication and Responsiveness

In the age of the internet, humanity is accustomed to instant answers, on-demand services, excellent communication pathways, and engaged responsiveness. Especially when personal injuries are involved, clients need to know they have a law firm dedicated to ongoing communication through attorney responsiveness. Since 1967, Wagner McLaughlin has served Tampa with communication and responsiveness in speaking up for the injured

What’s Important When Choosing a Law Firm?

Potential clients can discover whether a law firm is dedicated to good communication and responsiveness by doing a bit of digging online. “A Very Appreciative Client” had this to say about Attorney Alan Wagner.

“After being devastatingly injured from others’ negligence and faced with an extremely disadvantaged legal dilemma as a result, I came across Mr. Wagner’s website and made an office appointment with him…. Over the months that followed and as my attorney, he was outstanding in every way but of considerable noteworthiness was his near immediate responses in clearly addressing convoluted or unexpected changes in my case as it progressed through the legal process, or just to ease my personal anxiety in general, even while he was on vacation in another country.”

Potential clients want to know that they chose a law firm who listens and responds to the unique needs of every case. Focused on speaking up for the injured, Wagner McLaughlin offers a unique breed of personal injury attorneys in Tampa, FL who respond quickly and passionately to clients.

How Can Wagner McLaughlin Help You?

Another satisfied client, S., spoke to the communication and responsiveness of Attorney Michael McLaughlin:

“Michael McLaughlin has been my attorney on my case for the last 3 years…. He was available at all hours of the day and evening, had great follow up and kept me looped in on the status of my situation. Michael provided counsel as I had questions. He guided me and helped me understand all steps of the process.”

When you’ve experienced a personal injury, your previous attorney may have failed in these areas. Maybe you experienced negligence or malpractice. Or perhaps you are starting from square one. If you are looking for a Tampa, FL law firm, reach out to Wagner McLaughlin today and discover how our decades of experience, good communication, and responsiveness can help you.


understandingTraits to Look for When Hiring an Attorney: Understanding and Compassion

When beginning your search for personal injury attorneys in Tampa, FL, there are few traits more important than understanding and compassion. Serving the Tampa, FL area for over 50 years, Wagner McLaughlin understands the importance of connecting through compassion while serving personal injury clients.

Why Understanding and Compassion?

After the trauma of a personal injury, it is vital for your lawyer to have the ability to perceive your challenges, emotions, and needs. With understanding and compassion, the team at Wagner McLaughlin is known for connecting through compassion while speaking up for the injured and advocating for their best interests.

Former client J. shared her interaction with attorney Michael McLaughlin:

“He understood everything I laid out and expressed genuine compassion for my complex situation. He provided me with options that might help me and provided me with a much better understanding of the risks associated with each option. Mike probably doesn’t even realize how helpful he was and how valuable his consultation was to me. I highly recommend speaking to them if you feel you have a legal malpractice case.”

Another client, D., shared his thoughts about the level of understanding and compassion offered by the team at Wagner McLaughlin and expressed her appreciation for attorney Michael McLaughlin:

“Michael was very easy to talk with and did not use legal verbiage but explained it very clearly and supported his concerns with clear documentation for my review.”

In this sense, it’s important to find a compassionate lawyer who can focus on the “soft skills,” or the human side of your case, while balancing the “hard skills” found in the intricacies of practicing personal injury law. Many clients find their personal injury cases to be overflowing with emotions. Without compassion and understanding, lawyers may miss opportunities to serve clients well.

Wagner McLaughlin Is Here for You

Whether you are making your first move in the search for personal injury attorneys in Tampa, FL, or you’ve had a traumatic experience with a previous attorney who failed to offer understanding and compassion, Wagner McLaughlin is here for you. Speaking up for the injured is our specialty.

Call us today for a free consultation and let us lead with compassion and understanding as we fight for you.






professionalTraits to Look for When Hiring an Attorney: Professionalism and Ethics

When seeking a Tampa, FL law firm, clients consider some characteristics more important than others. As you may imagine, professionalism and ethics are always at the top of the list.

It’s important to know you have a lawyer who follows the professional and ethical rules and standards that govern the legal profession. Focused on speaking up for the injured, Wagner McLaughlin exemplifies the professionalism and ethics you need when looking for personal injury attorneys in Tampa, FL.

Professionalism and Ethics: Cornerstones in Winning Cases

Anyone can search online to find a local law firm or personal injury attorneys in Tampa, FL. But there are certain pathways that lead to discovery of the critical traits that will help win your case.

Outside of your personal interview, researching qualifications and testimonials is important in helping you determine whether your potential attorney has the qualities you are seeking in your legal representation. .

Clients Words Speak Volumes on Winning Traits

At the end of the day, nothing speaks more highly to an attorney’s professionalism and ethics than the client testimonial. After working with Wagner McLaughlin, F. had this to say about Attorney Alan Wagner:

I would highly recommend him (Mr. Alan Wagner) to anyone who needed an excellent lawyer. He has a wonderful, professional work ethic and a great sense of humor. I am very honored to have had to opportunity to have him as my lawyer.”

Serving the greater Tampa, FL area since 1967, Wagner McLaughlin is a dedicated team of personal injury attorneys in Tampa, FL.

L., one of our clients, had this to say about the ethics and professionalism of Attorney Jason Whittemore:

After receiving some horrific dental work, I turned to Jason Whittemore for assistance. He listened to my case, made suggestions and then took action! He was professional, attentive and knowledgeable.”

Next Steps

When you need a law firm with years of specialized experience in speaking up for the injured, Wagner McLaughlin can help. Give us a call for your free consultation today and discover whether you may have grounds for a legal malpractice case.



knowledge Traits to Look for When Hiring an Attorney: Legal Knowledge and Skills

Though the process of becoming an attorney is pretty standard, no two attorneys are the same. When being represented, it is important to choose someone with the appropriate legal knowledge and skills in order to get the best results. Wagner McLaughlin, personal injury attorneys in Tampa FL, can explain why these are so important in your case.

Subject Matter Experience

It should go without saying that a tax collection attorney and an injury attorney have vastly differing backgrounds. The skills of speaking with an IRS auditor do not necessarily translate into speaking with a jury. While it may be tempting to consult a “general practitioner” of law, the best results often come from someone who specializes in the relevant area of law.

“Jason Whittemore represented me for a wrongful bankruptcy dispute that required IRS tax knowledge and a substantial amount of money I owed to the IRS among several other complications. After consulting with 1/2 dozen attorneys or so, I realized this was a very specialized case that most attorneys were not willing to take or just not knowledgeable enough. I then met with Mr. Whittemore. He took my case. Mr. Whittemore is a sharp, very responsive, attentive, professional. He always politely spoke the facts. He kept me informed at all times. The end result was that we won.” A.

Recent Experience

New cases are tried and new laws are passed as a regular part of the legal industry. It is important for an attorney to stay relevant to these changes, which can be difficult to do if someone only “dabbles” in that legal area or has been out of practice for a while. At the same time, not every attorney or law firm is equipped with trial lawyers who have the skill and knowledge to actually take a case to the courtroom. Trial-practice rules can be complex and are constantly changing. Electronic filing procedures, alone, have undergone several changes over the past couple of years.

Communication Skills 

Too often, an attorney may be trained and comfortable in talking to judges, juries, and other attorneys, but not in communicating well with their own clients. If you are experiencing legal turmoil, it is important that your attorney can understand how you are being impacted in order to best represent your interests. Also, your attorney needs to be able to translate the legal events into plain language so that you can make the most informed decisions.

I needed legal advice: I called this firm and Alan Wagner took my call immediately….[He] was outstanding, particularly due to the fact that I had never spoken to him prior to today. He even took the time to help me understand some current legal documents that were unclear… knowing that there was no financial gain for him. This type of character speaks volumes! ” Client on Avvo


A long list of happy clients says a lot about a law firm. Wagner McLaughlin clients have shared their testimonials on several websites, not just our own.

If your attorney failed to provide these types of services, Wagner McLaughlin can evaluate if your attorney was negligent in duty and whether or not you have a malpractice case.

Wagner McLaughlin is a Tampa FL law firm with experience in “speaking up for the injured” and can put that to work for you.


experienceTraits to Look for When Hiring an Attorney: Experience and Reputation

It’s not every day you need to hire an attorney. When searching for personal injury attorneys in Tampa, FL, it’s crucial to find a law firm with experience handling the type of case you face. Your attorney’s experience and reputation are two of the top factors to consider when choosing among various law firms. Since 1967, Wagner McLaughlin has built decades of experience as a trusted Tampa, FL law firm with a well-honed reputation for speaking up for the injured.

Why are experience and reputation important when choosing a personal injury attorney?

When you’re on a quest to find a law firm capable of handling the complexities of your case, where do you go for advice on which attorney to hire? There’s no better source of advice than previous clients of that attorney! Wagner McLaughlin is honored that so many of its previous or current clients have written, directly or online, to recommend the law firm to others. According to S., a local business owner, Wagner McLaughlin has the critical traits needed as you seek a personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL.

“They have justly earned the well-founded reputation as the best of the best.”

What are some examples of experience and reputation when choosing an attorney?

Wagner McLaughlin has produced many legal landmarks over the years. Chances are, the firm has handled cases very similar to yours. Earning numerous, substantial verdicts and awards for our clients affords an additional layer of confidence that you’re making the right choice when you work with our team of experts.

What does experience and reputation look like in a client testimonial?

This may be your first time needing legal assistance for a personal injury. That’s not the case with Wagner McLaughlin. For decades, nothing’s been more valuable than hearing clients share personal testimonials about our team’s experience and reputation. Take the words of another satisfied client, T.

“We couldn’t recommend Michael McLaughlin more highly. He is extremely competent and able in his field.”

How can Wagner McLaughlin provide assurance that you’ve made the right choice in a personal injury attorney?

Whether beginning your search for a personal injury attorney or after your attorney failed to provide the help you deserved, you can trust the commanding volume, experience, and authority of one of the most respected personal injury law firms in the nation.

As a top-rated Tampa FL law firm, Wagner McLaughlin can evaluate whether your attorney was negligent in his or her representation of you and if you have a legal malpractice case. Speaking up for the injured, we’re ready to discuss your options.

Call us for your free consultation today.


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semi truck accident

semi truck accidentIn September, a driver was killed after losing control of his pickup truck creating a Semi-Truck Accident in Tampa Bay. It was an otherwise uneventful afternoon on the Veterans Expressway, before the day took a tragic, and deadly, turn. Police say that the male driver was traveling north, when he lost control of his truck, entered the outer shoulder of the road, and slammed into a concrete wall.

After the initial impact, police say, the truck careened back into the road and struck the axles of a semi-truck. The semi then jack-knifed as both vehicles hurdled into the barrier wall and were engulfed in flames. The accident resulted in untold loss for the victims and their families and caused the northbound roadway to be closed down for several hours.

Wagner McLaughlin Discusses the Rise of Semi-Truck Accidents in Tampa Bay

Here at Wagner Law, our experienced Tampa Bay personal injury attorneys have worked on all kinds of shocking and traumatic auto accident cases. But it is always disquieting to hear first-hand about the damage and terror that a semi-truck accident can create.

Unfortunately, these types of accidents are only increasing in prevalence in the state of Florida. According to the NHSTA, Florida is Number #3 nationally for traffic fatalities that involve semi-trucks.

Because of the size, mass, and sheer power of these commercial cargo vehicles, accidents that involve large commercial trucks can be far more dangerous than ordinary accidents. As any experienced Semi-Truck Accident Attorney in Tampa Bay will tell you, the stories, the injuries, and the damage that can result from these accidents are enormous. As a driver on Florida roads, you should understand the elevated risks involved in such accidents.

If you’ve spent any time near a highway, you’ll be familiar with the noise that semi-trucks make when they must come to a stop on a declining stretch of road. It sounds something like two incredibly enormous pieces of rubber scraping together. This is what truck drivers refer to as the “jimmy break.” It is a breaking system located not in any of the wheel drums, but within the engine itself. It is a system designed to slow the tremendously powerful machine that delivers power to the wheels. In addition to this exotic braking system, semi-trucks also have conventional breaks within the drums of their wheels. That should give you some idea of the fantastic amount of power these trucks generate, and the forces that must be overcome before they can come to a complete stop.

As a Tampa Bay Catastrophic Accident Attorney with more than fifty years of experience, Wagner McLaughlin will tell you that nearly every collision incident involving one of these monster vehicles is as terrifying as it is potentially deadly.

If there is any good news to be shared on this topic, it is the fact that most road-bound cargo services, rendered using these huge trucks, are owned by large trucking corporations. That means if you have been hurt, suffered property damage, or both in a semi-truck accident, you are more likely to have a full measure of legal recourse. Any good trucking company will be well insured, and if you deserve compensation for your damages, then a Tampa Bay Catastrophic Injury Attorney can help.

If you have been the victim of a semi-truck accident and are either not at fault or share some fault with the semi-truck driver, you need to speak to a qualified Tampa Bay Truck Accident Attorney. After such a traumatic event, handling legal documents, filing papers, and the stress of dealing with health care bills can be a huge burden to shoulder. A Tampa Bay Semi-Truck Accident Attorney will handle the red tape and the legal work for you, working hard to maximize any compensation you may be owed. That will leave you free to focus your energies where they need to be: on fully recovering and moving on with your life.

Get in touch with Wagner Law today to learn more.



pile up accidents

pile up accidentsDriving is an important part of everyday American life. Over the course of our lives, most of us will spend tens of thousands of hours behind the wheel, if not more. That being the case, it is all but a certainty that at some point you will encounter an accident, even if you aren’t involved. You may have heard about the recent incident in which a firefighter was seriously injured and another individual was killed. The crash closed northbound lanes of US 19 at Innisbrook Drive for several hours.

Here at Wagner Law, our team of Tampa Bay personal injury attorneys are deeply concerned any time we hear about accidents like this one –especially about the problem of so-called “pile-up accidents.” Incidents like these pose not only a terrible problem of danger to the victims but also a significant challenge to any good Tampa Bay car accident lawyer.

As firetrucks arrived on the scene, they were struck by trucks going in the opposite direction. Sadly, this is a danger that first responders must deal with on a regular basis. Given this danger, it is so important that passing cars and onlookers know how to respond when they witness or come upon an accident on the road.

The question so many people ask their Tampa Bay car accident attorney is, “What’s the best thing to do if I witness an accident?” Whether you witness the accident as it happens, or come upon the scene moments later, there are certain things you should do and should not do.

Wagner McLaughlin on What to Do if You Encounter the Scene of an Accident

The list of things to do and not to do are ranked with deference to the prevention of further accident and injury. Everything you do and do not do should be prioritized by that one principle.

Be Alert

The first step must be preventative in nature. It is critical that drivers be alert when they are behind the wheel, looking ahead as much as practicable; scanning for danger before you encounter an accident is a skill that every driver should develop. This includes being aware of the sounds and light patterns that emergency vehicles use. Become familiar with the various sounds ambulances, firetrucks, and police vehicles employ. Knowing these things will help you respond accordingly.

Keep Your Distance

This may be the most important thing to keep in mind and to do at or near the scene of an accident. Do whatever it takes to not contribute to the accident by becoming an obstruction to first responders. In some cases, people are compelled to view the scene of a crash. If someone you know is involved, this may be understandable. If you must observe, move your vehicle away from the accident and watch on foot from a reasonable and safe distance.

Can You Help?

If you saw the accident take place, your description of the event may be valuable to police and other first responders. You may observe from a distance, as described above, and wait for the time and opportunity to tell police, firefighters, and EMTs anything you saw which you believe might help.

If you are willing and able, you might use any road flairs or road cones you may have to create a warning for drivers coming toward the scene. Do not deploy your cones or flairs in the middle of the road and do not attempt to cordon off the crash area yourself. Simply deploy your alert traffic devices on the shoulder of the road, perhaps several yards apart, along a quarter-mile of road approaching the scene. This should not create an obstruction of any kind but should only warn drivers that they are approaching a hazard.

Of course, you are not obligated to do any of these things if you are not involved in the accident. The most important thing is to be alert enough to see the accident before you reach it and to get clear of the area as quickly as possible.

When to Call a Tampa Bay Accident Attorney 

If you have been injured in an auto accident, and believe you deserve compensation, an accident attorney in Tampa Bay at Wagner Law is standing by to help.




supreme court of florida

Supreme Court of Florida

When representing each of its clients aggressively, the attorneys at Wagner McLaughlin follow case law in Florida that has been interpreted and applied by the courts in the state. As the highest court in the state of Florida, the Florida Supreme Court is responsible for making final determinations as to what the state law is in Florida. You may never meet the justices in person – but their actions and interpretations of law affect many individuals who seek justice in the state court system.

The high court consists of seven justices, one of whom presides as the Chief Justice. Florida’s governor fills any vacancies on the high court by appointing an individual from a slate of names given to him by the Supreme Court judicial nominating commission. To be considered for the seat, one must be a Florida resident and registered voter and not older than 70 years of age. The term of a Justice lasts six years, after which each appointment must be confirmed by a retention vote of Florida’s voter during the general election.

The current Florida Supreme Court includes Justices Jorge Labarga, Charles Canady, Ricky Polston, C. Alan Lawson, Carlos G. Muñiz, John D. Couriel, and Jamie R. Grosshans.

Charles T. Canady is the current Chief Justice, serving for his third time in the position. Governor Crist appointed Charles Canady to the court in 2008. Born in Lakeland, Justice Canady was said to be one of the judges being considered by President Donald Trump as a successor to Justice Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court. Justice Canady is a graduate of Haverford College and Yale Law School, where he earned his JD.

Former Governor Charlie Crist appointed Jorge Labarga to the court in 2009. Born in Havana, Cuba, Justice Labarga was retained in 2010 and 2016 and is credited with being the first Cuban-American to hold the post of Chief Justice in the state. Justice Labarga studied at the University of Florida and earned his J.D at the Levin College of Law in 1979. He has previously served as Chief Justice of Florida.

Ricky Polston was born in Alabama and raised in Graceville, Florida. Justice Polston was appointed by Governor Crist in 2008 and served as the Chief Justice from 2012 to 2014. Formerly a certified public accountant, Justice Polston was a judge on Florida’s First District Court of Appeal before joining the high court.

C. Alan Lawson was appointed to the court by Governor Rick Scott to replace the retiring Justice James E. C. Perry. He served as a judge of the Fifth District Court of Appeal before his appointment to the Supreme Court. Justice Lawson, born and raised in Lakeland, studied at Tallahassee Community College and Clemson University before earning his J.D. at the Florida State University College of Law.

Carlos G. Muñiz is one of the more recently appointed justices. Muñiz has served as a private and federal government attorney and in various positions in the Florida state government. After his studies at both the University of Virginia and Yale Law School, he clerked for multiple judges.

Last summer, John D. Couriel was appointed to the Florida Supreme Court. Previous to his appointment, Couriel served in a number of positions across the country, including as clerk for Honorable JohnD. Bates and as a Southern District of Florida Assistant United States Attorney.

Jamie R. Grosshans studied law at the University of Mississippi, where she clerked for multiple U.S. and state departments. She then went on to serve as an Assistant State Attorney in Orange County before entering private practice, serving as an Orange County Court Judge and on the Fifth District Court of Appeal.. Last September, Grosshans was appointed to the Florida Supreme Court.

Wagner McLaughlin is a law firm based in the Tampa Bay area that specializes in personal injury cases. It is recognized as a “Best Law Firm” by Best Lawyers/U.S. News and World Report and handles cases involving personal injury, admiralty law, and medical and legal malpractice in Florida. One of the primary reasons for the success of the firm is its dedicated approach to serving the needs of each client.

wrong way sign

wrong way signWrong-way accidents happen in Florida more frequently than you may think. A Clay County resident lost his life just last month because he was going the wrong way. Fox News released a story about a teenager who lost his life in August because another driver was going the wrong way. Another person lost his life on a Florida highway in the same month for the same thing. Wrong-way accidents seem to be a common theme in the state. Therefore, all drivers should be extra careful, practice defensive driving, and keep handy the phone number of a Tampa wrong-way car accident attorney.

Whose Fault Is a Wrong-Way Incident?
A wrong-way incident usually falls on the person who is going the wrong way. Other drivers might try to dodge the crash, but oftentimes, they don’t have enough time to react. The law is usually on the side of the person who has the right of way in a case like that.

How to Prevent Wrong-Way Accidents
As a driver, you can play your part in preventing wrong-way accidents. First, you must do everything possible to stay alert while you’re driving. Get enough rest, drink caffeine before a long trip, and take stretch breaks to stay fresh and alert on the road. If you can, bring another person with you who can help to make sure you go the right way at all times. Try the best you can to shift your vehicle if someone comes at you in the wrong direction.

What to Do if You’re Involved in a Wrong-Way Collision
You should contact a Tampa car accident lawyer as quickly as possible after you receive your medical treatment and you speak to the authorities. An attorney can start assessing your case, filing a lawsuit if necessary, negotiating your case as soon as you give the green light for representation.

Contact an Attorney Today
Wagner McLaughlin has experience in wrong-way accidents and can help you seek the compensation you deserve if you get involved in such a situation. The law firm is staffed with Tampa wrong-way accident lawyers who have served clients who suffered personal injuries. You can schedule a consultation to find out more about your rights and potential for recovery today.