Interstate Pile Up Accidents – Who is liable for my injuries?

pileup car accidents

pileup car accidentsBeing involved in a car accident that results in injuries will always come with stress and various challenges. This can become even more complicated if it is a large multi-car crash, which can make liability even more complex. If you are injured in a multi-car accident in or around Tampa, Florida, a Tampa Bay accident attorney can help you determine who is at fault and is responsible for your injuries. There are a variety of factors that can determine who is ultimately responsible for your injuries.


One of the factors that will determine who is liable for injuries is if there was any form of negligence involved in the accident. If, following the accident, it was determined that one party was driving under the influence, was not paying attention while driving or was driving at reckless speeds, and the negligence caused the accident or made it worse, that party could be held responsible. In these situations, they or their auto insurance provider may be responsible for the bulk of the damages.

Who Collided First

A Tampa Bay car accident attorney will also look to see who collided first. In a large pileup accident, the first collision is what will typically result in a larger pileup, as there may not be enough time for other drivers to safely get out of the way. All cases depend on their facts, and facts often differ. In many cases, though, the bulk of the liability will be placed on the first person that caused the accident, and they may be held responsible for your injuries.

There are many complexities that come with a multi-car crash and figuring out who is responsible is very important. If you are involved in a large accident, contacting Wagner McLaughlin is an option you should consider. Wagner McLaughlin is a Tampa Bay personal injury attorney that can provide you with great support and representation. These Tampa Bay multi-car accident attorneys will be able to evaluate your situation, determine who is responsible, and provide you with the support needed to be properly represented.

highway patrol spread awareness

highway patrol spread awarenessAccording to statistics gathered by the Florida Highway Patrol Safety and Motor Vehicles, hit-and-run fatalities rose 18% in the year 2020. These numbers are troubling and have prompted the Stay At The Scene campaign to help spread awareness around the risks of hit-and-run accidents, and to help all Florida motorists understand how vital it is to stay at the scene if you are the driver.

If you do get in a car accident, one of the first things you should do after contacting emergency services and establishing the safety of all involved is to call a Tampa Bay Accident Attorney, whether you feel you are at fault or not. If you are involved in an accident where you are tempted to leave the scene for any reason, keep in mind that leaving makes the entire situation more complicated for you from a legal perspective. Leaving implies guilt and diminishes your character before a judge. Most importantly, it could possibly endanger the lives of others at the scene.

Wagner McLaughlin is a skilled Tampa Bay Hit and Run law firm that is helping to spread awareness about the Stay At The Scene Campaign across Florida. Wagner McLaughlin protects and represents the injured, and has extensive experience when it comes to achievingsuccessful outcomes for those involved in auto accidents. If you have been in an accident, be sure to call the Tampa Bay Personal Injury Attorneys with heart and tenacity. Wagner McLaughlin has a track record of having both, as itshistory of favorable outcomes reflects. The firm represents those who are victims of hit-and-run accidents and more.

It is important that everyone understands the message of the Stay At The Scene Campaign. Simply stay at the scene after an accident. Its the right thing to do from a legal and moral standpoint, and also because the penalties are hefty for those who leave. If a person has any injury from an accident and someone flees from the scene, it becomes a felony, even if the injuries are minor. The State has increased the legal ramifications of leaving the scene of an accident, has created anonymous tip lines, and is running this campaign to spread awareness, so all parties can understand the importance of staying at the scene of an accident.

Contact a skilled Tampa Bay Car Accident Attorney if you are in an accident. Wagner McLaughlin has been speaking up for the injured in the area and can be relied on to help you navigate the legal system as you recover from your injuries.

tractor trailer

tractor trailerIn February 2021, a Madison County woman lost her life when her SUV collided with a moving tractor-trailer. She was traveling with her two young children, ages 6 and 8, who were transported to a nearby hospital with injuries. This was a horrible event, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those involved. This type of accident happens all too often, particularly as Florida’s roads become more and more congested.

As a Tampa Bay personal injury attorney law firm, we know that most collisions or other types of impacts involving tractor-trailers are preventable. Tractors and tractor-trailers take up more space on the road, need more room to maneuver when in motion, and take far longer to come to a complete stop than regular passenger vehicles. They present extra danger on our roads.

Stay Safer with These Tips

Like all drivers on the roads today, the driver of a tractor-trailer bears the ultimate responsibility to drive safely, comply with all traffic rules, and take care not to present a danger to other drivers and pedestrians around them. That is a given. But there are steps you can take to be extra careful when you see a big rig on the road. As a rule of thumb, if you see a tractor-trailer, make it a rule for yourself that you’re going to give this vehicle an enormous amount of space. Take some time to learn a tractor-trailer’s blind spots.

• Avoid 30 feet in front of the tractor-trailer and 30 feet directly behind a tractor-trailer at all times.
• Avoid the area directly under the driver’s-side window in the lane immediately to the left and behind the same window for about 20 feet.
• Avoid the two right lanes of a tractor-trailer for nearly the entire length of the rig.
• Never be on the right side of a tractor-trailer when it’s making a right turn.
• When passing one of these large rigs, do not do so until you can see the front fully in your rear-view mirror.

If you remember nothing else, remember that if you cannot see the driver’s face in their side mirrors, there is a high chance they cannot see you.

Never hesitate to contact a tractor-trailer accident attorney for a consultation if you’ve been involved in any impact with a tractor-trailer. The attorneys at Wagner McLaughlin are trained to handle questions related to tractor trailer rig accident injuries in the Tampa Bay area. Wagner McLaughlin is your trusted Tampa Bay tractor-trailer accident attorney.

hit and run by the car

hit and run by the carAccidents are traumatizing. Worse yet, hit and run accidents are even more brutal and horrifying, especially when the driver goes untraced. Victims are left bearing the brunt of the accident without holding anyone accountable for their injuries. As such, you may need a Tampa Bay car accident attorney for legal counsel and support.

According to Florida law, drivers are required to stop at the accident scene and identify themselves. Regrettably, not all motorists abide by this law. In fact, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), the year 2020 saw an 18 percent spike in hit and run fatalities. While the total number of such crashes decreased by 13 percent in 2020, the rise in deaths left Florida’s families reeling.

What to do in a hit and run situation?

Most drivers that leave the scene of an accident before they are identified are at fault. Sometimes, it could be panic that makes them flee, but mostly they are either drunk, carry no insurance, or violate other traffic rules. Whatever the reason, hit and run incidents are illegal and diminish the chances of the accident victim getting immediate medical care.

Victims can’t dictate the action of offenders, as much as we might wish that they could. So it’s vital to understand what you need to do to avoid worsening the situation. First, it’s advisable to stay as calm as possible while making sure you are okay. Other steps you can take when involved in a crash include:

• If possible, move to the side of the road to avoid a secondary accident.
• Try to identify the driver. If you can do so safely, write down details about the other vehicle (color, model, or partial license plate number) immediately after the accident when your mind is still fresh.
• Check the condition of others involved. Contact 911 if there are injuries or the vehicle is disabled.

How a lawyer can help in hit and run accidents

Accidents, including hit and runs, leave a trail of destruction along their paths. Loss of income and injuries are some costs of auto accidents. After the unfortunate hit and run accident, the chances of getting justice might seem slim.

However, with the help of a proper Tampa Bay hit and run accident attorney, justice is on the way. They will investigate the crash, work to prove liability, explore all compensation options available, and explain your legal rights. A good personal injury attorney handles all the legal paperwork while you focus on your recovery.

Tampa Bay Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, you might feel as if you are alone. However, at Wagner McLaughlin, we’ve got your back. As your Tampa Bay accident attorney, we are compassionate and knowledgeable about all aspects of personal injury law, including hit and run situations. Contact us today, and we will help you get the compensation – and justice — you deserve.

boating accident

boating accidentBoating is a favorite pastime of many Floridians. Going out on the water is a great way of relaxing and enjoying yourself. However, it can also be hazardous. Boating accidents and fatalities occur all too often in Florida. The most common causes for such accidents include:

• Operator inattention and inexperience
• Machinery failure
• Improper lookout
• Speeding

When you accept an invitation to go boating, you expect the owner and operator of the boat to take the measures necessary to preserve your safety. If you are injured in a boating accident, due to the negligence of the owner or operator, you may file suit to hold them accountable. Boating injuries include fractures, lacerations, sprains, and even head trauma. Any of these injuries can put you in the hospital, which will lead to medical bills and loss of income. You should not have to suffer and pay for those injuries on your own.

One of the first things you should do after the accident is to hire a Tampa boat accident lawyer. A Tampa boat accident attorney can help you build a case against the person whose recklessness or negligence caused the accident. Your boating accident attorney in Tampa can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Boating operators must exercise care to prevent accident and injury. If the person operating the boat on which you were injured failed to do their duty and it led to an accident that caused you harm, then you can sue them for damages.

You can also file a lawsuit against a boat operator who did not have the skill, knowledge, and qualifications to handle the vessel safely. If the operator was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when they were in command and it led to a wreck, then you may well be able to claim compensation from them.

Being injured in a boating accident is not enough to prove your case. You must gather the evidence necessary to link the action or inaction of the operator to the accident and the injuries you suffered. A boating accident lawyer Tampa at Wagner McLaughlin can help you do this.

harmful toys for kids

harmful toys for kidsWhen you buy toys for your kids, you expect them to be safe and fit for use. If your child was injured while playing with a defective toy, then it is right for you to hold the manufacturer accountable. A defective toy is a serious danger to a child. It can lead to serious injuries—the kind of injuries that can stay with them for the rest of their life.

If your child has suffered such an injury, then you should hire a Tampa product liability attorney and begin to build a case.

Unfortunately, injuries caused by defective or dangerous toys are not a rarity in the United States. Hundreds of toys have been recalled because they were found to violate basic safety standards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission sets out rules that regulate toy safety standards. These rules place limits on the allowable levels of lead and other toxic substances used in the making of toys. The group also dictates the kind of warning labels that must be put on toys that may be choking hazards.

Here are some examples of the kinds of toys that can be dangerous for children:

• Toys with unsafe levels of lead, chromium, and phthalates
• Toys with small parts that can block a child’s airway
• Balloon toys that can get caught in a child’s throat
• Toys that have excessive noise levels

Poisoning, burns, bruises, broken bones, and lacerations are some of the injuries that can be caused by defective toys. If any of these things have happened to your child, you should take decisive action.

A Tampa product liability lawyer will help you gather the evidence necessary to prove that your child’s injury was the result of a dangerous and defective toy. You should work with a Tampa dangerous products attorney who handles product liability in this area of the law They will know how to gather the needed evidence, and they can anticipate and counter the moves that the manufacturer is likely to make.

We suggest that you not try to deal with the situation on your own. You should enlist the help of a Tampa child injury attorney at Wagner McLaughlin. The experienced attorneys at Wagner McLaughlin would be happy to help.

road rash

road rashWhat Is Road Rash?

Road rash occurs when the outer layer of one’s skin is scrapped off because you have come in contact with a rough surface. Motorcycle riders are likely to suffer road rash when they fall off their bike. The knees, shoulders, face, and lower legs are the parts of the body that are most likely to be damaged by road rash.

Road rash can range from mild to severe. A mild injury will cause slight bleeding, scrapes, and bruising. A second-degree road rash can break the skin, which can increase the risk of infection. Third-degree road rash is serious. It can result in deep abrasions and wounds. It can even expose bones, nerves, and muscles. Road rash can sometimes occur as a result of negligence. That is why it is important to talk to a motorcycle accident attorney in Tampa.

How to Treat Road Rash

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa will recommend that you get road rash treated, and you should not hesitate in doing so. Treatment can reduce the chances of scarring or infections. The type of treatment that you need will depend on the severity of the road rash.

If you have mild road rash, then you will need to clean it and monitor it. Second-degree road rash may require a prescription and bandage. Third-degree road rash may require surgery. Do not hesitate to get the treatment you need for your own comfort and health. At any time, feel free to call one of our Tampa motorcycle accident attorneys, who can discuss with you how to get compensated for your injuries.

Call Wagner McLaughlin

Serious road rash can result in permanent injuries. That is why if someone else caused the accident, then they will need to be held accountable. A Tampa accident attorney can help you file a claim. They will also fight hard to help you get the maximum amount of compensation from the other party. They want to make sure that your rights are protected.


ppeBefore covid arrived and changed our lives, many of us had not even heard the term “PPE,” meaning “personal protective equipment.” It’s important to have proper PPE at any job where an injury may occur. Your employer should supply such PPE and also explain to you when and how to use it. Any employer that fails to do so may be responsible for his or her neglect. Furthermore, you may be entitled to compensation if you experience an injury due to your employer’s failure to provide you with PPE. An accident lawyer in our Tampa office can help you figure out where you stand if this occurs and you suffer injury.

Worker Injuries

Worker injuries do happen, which is why the law requires businesses to carry workers’ compensation insurance. However, a personal injury is quite different from a worker’s compensation incident. Workers’ comp might take care of you while you’re recovering from your injury, but a personal injury settlement could extend well beyond that and provide you more comprehensive financial recovery. Speaking to a Tampa construction accident attorney will help you determine if you should be asking for personal injury compensation instead of workers’ compensation.

Employer Negligence

Neglect is one of the main elements that cause a worker to be eligible for personal injury compensation. You may be eligible for such compensation if your construction bosses allowed you to work without the proper PPE, and you got hurt as a result. You should speak to a Tampa construction accident lawyer before you assume that you should apply for workers’ compensation. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to receive compensatory money that can pay your medical bills, lost work wages and living expenses – as well as full compensation for the injuries and other harm you have suffered.

How to Get Help

We urge you to speak with an accident attorney in Tampa such as the ones at Wagner McLaughlin. This attorney can review your case and let you know if you qualify for compensation. There is no risk to you for scheduling an appointment. In fact, you might be eligible for more than you think.

wrong way sign

wrong way signWrong-way accidents happen in Florida more frequently than you may think. A Clay County resident lost his life just last month because he was going the wrong way. Fox News released a story about a teenager who lost his life in August because another driver was going the wrong way. Another person lost his life on a Florida highway in the same month for the same thing. Wrong-way accidents seem to be a common theme in the state. Therefore, all drivers should be extra careful, practice defensive driving, and keep handy the phone number of a Tampa wrong-way car accident attorney.

Whose Fault Is a Wrong-Way Incident?
A wrong-way incident usually falls on the person who is going the wrong way. Other drivers might try to dodge the crash, but oftentimes, they don’t have enough time to react. The law is usually on the side of the person who has the right of way in a case like that.

How to Prevent Wrong-Way Accidents
As a driver, you can play your part in preventing wrong-way accidents. First, you must do everything possible to stay alert while you’re driving. Get enough rest, drink caffeine before a long trip, and take stretch breaks to stay fresh and alert on the road. If you can, bring another person with you who can help to make sure you go the right way at all times. Try the best you can to shift your vehicle if someone comes at you in the wrong direction.

What to Do if You’re Involved in a Wrong-Way Collision
You should contact a Tampa car accident lawyer as quickly as possible after you receive your medical treatment and you speak to the authorities. An attorney can start assessing your case, filing a lawsuit if necessary, negotiating your case as soon as you give the green light for representation.

Contact an Attorney Today
Wagner McLaughlin has experience in wrong-way accidents and can help you seek the compensation you deserve if you get involved in such a situation. The law firm is staffed with Tampa wrong-way accident lawyers who have served clients who suffered personal injuries. You can schedule a consultation to find out more about your rights and potential for recovery today.

stolen car

stolen carAll car accidents can be complex, but a crash with a stolen car can be monstrous. You’re in for a complicated case, whether you were hit by someone who was driving a stolen car, or you were a passenger in the car with someone who was driving a stolen car. The chances are high that you’ll need to employ the help of Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys either way. Here’s some additional information.

Who’s at Fault in a Stolen Car Incident?

It’s necessary to establish fault in any car accident, but the stolen status of a car can make that difficult. Generally, the insurance company and the Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer would look at the driving habits and behavior of both parties. The insurance company would review police reports, witness statements, and other evidence to establish whether they’d need to pay a claim. When a vehicle is stolen, however, the stakes are much higher.

Consequences if the Car You Were in Was Stolen

Drivers of stolen cars can face criminal charges. The owner of the car may end up having high insurance premiums. Furthermore, there’s a chance that a passenger can be denied compensation if that person was in a stolen vehicle. In a case like this, you will need a Tampa car accident injury attorney to assist you.

Can You Still Get Help?

Personal injury cases are based highly on the principles of fault and negligence. It’s possible that you can get compensation if you were hurt by getting into a crash involving a stolen car. The driver of the stolen car could be held liable for your injuries. That person may have to pay you compensatory damages as well as possible punitive damages because the car was stolen. Your best bet is to arrange an appointment with a personal injury attorney to discuss your standing and your possible recovery options.

How You Can Get Help

You can schedule a consultation with Wagner McLaughlin today by calling and asking for a free consultation. An attorney will talk to you about your case and discuss with you the likelihood that you may receive money damages as a result of the accident.