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While the most visible representatives of our law firm are our experienced attorneys, they are by no means alone in their fight to protect our clients’ interests. Ours is a cohesive team effort, requiring the talents of specialized support personnel.

Our firm, founded in 1967, is one of Tampa’s oldest and most respected plaintiff trial firms. Our partners are leaders who have achieved professional honors reserved for a small and select number of trial attorneys. We represent only clients we believe in, and we have the skill and financial resources to conduct a tenacious fight to achieve the best and most just outcome possible for each and every client.

Our attorneys rely on a full staff of legal assistants, paralegals, and independent investigators to help evaluate each case, track down details, assure timely responses, and keep the lines of communication open. Because of this combined expertise and team approach, we are able to handle a broad range of civil claims in Florida.

Our practice areas include:

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