May 6, 2016

Staying Safe in the Sun: Snorkeling

Categories: Personal Injury

Florida’s beaches are a gift of nature to its residents and the many tourists we gladly welcome everyday. Many activities fill the Florida coast, each with a different level of thrill and chill. Snorkeling is a common beach pastime that allows you to get up close and personal with the stunning marine life living along our coastline. But snorkeling also leads to hundreds of injuries every year in Florida alone.

The leading causes of snorkeling accidents include harsh water conditions, boats, and faulty equipment. Though snorkeling doesn’t have the potential dangers of SCUBA diving, snorkeling is also much less regulated and as such, participants often have minimal training and education. Tourists are allowed to rent equipment without any sort of instruction, and often can be out in deep water before they realize they are using the equipment improperly—or that the equipment was faulty to begin with.

These novice swimmers are also often unaware of how quickly ocean conditions can change. Kicking around in the shallow area can too quickly turn into struggling against a strong current, and those rental fins aren’t enough to get the swimmer to safety. Finally, snorkeling without proper observation (a buddy system of sorts) can result in entering treacherous areas, such as boating lanes, unaware of the danger. Snorkelers are tough to see, and can very easily be hit by a boat captain who isn’t completely observant.

We want all of our residents and tourists to be safe and protected! If you’ve been injured in a snorkeling accident, contact an experienced Tampa personal injury attorney. The Tampa law firm of Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore is available for a free consultation today.

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