May 10, 2016

Staying Safe in the Sun: Jet-Skis

Categories: Personal Injury

While many residents and visitors come to Florida’s beaches to chill in the sun, others come with a need for speed! Many activities fill the Florida coast, each with a different level of thrill and chill. If you have the funds, renting a jet-ski can add a lot of adventure to a day, but due to the speed, it can also ratchet up the danger.

The only prerequisites required to rent a jet-ski are a signed waiver and maybe a few minutes of instructional safety. Because jet-ski rental businesses are so common, signing the waiver can work to effectively protect the owner (and even the manufacturer) from any injury that the rider receives.

Common causes of jet-ski injuries include falling at high speed, colliding with stationary objects or other jet-skis, and equipment or operator failure. In the case of rider negligence, the rider has no basis to seek damages. However, third parties are not protected by the waiver, and in some cases, the rider may be able to seek damages despite the waiver. For example, faulty equipment is one of the factors that can show negligence on the part of the manufacturer or rental company.

The best key to staying safe while jet-skiing is to find a reputable rental company that shows clear care in the maintenance and operation of its equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask about maintenance practices, either.

If you have been injured in a jet-ski accident, you may at first assume that the waiver is insurmountable. That’s why it’s important to contact an experienced accident lawyer today to discuss the language of your particular waiver. The Tampa law firm of Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore is available for a consultation today.

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