May 3, 2016

Staying Safe in the Sun: Parasailing

Categories: Negligence, Personal Injury

Whether the ocean is a part of your day to day life or the destination of a much-needed vacation, relaxing on the sand is often only the beginning of a fulfilling adventure. Many activities fill the Florida coast, each with a different level of thrill and chill. Parasailing may be a good fit for the adventurer—but make sure you know the risks.

Until recently, parasailing was a largely unregulated activity without any guidelines regarding training for operations, inspection of equipment, or restrictions during weather conditions. Since this activity involves participants suspended hundreds of feet over the surface of the water, it has a high risk factor, even when it is regulated. After a number of tragedies resulted from circumstances such as compromised towlines, incompetent operators, and strong winds, Florida lawmakers passed laws to enhance the safety of this high-risk thrill.

If you’re thinking about parasailing during your beach retreat, here are a few lawful safety tips. First, make sure that there is someone other than the operator of the boat to watch the person being towed. Second, avoid parasailing during unsafe weather conditions, including high wind speeds, or between half an hour after sunset or half an hour before sunrise. Third, always wear your life jacket, no matter which part of the parasailing crew you are.

If you’ve been injured in a parasailing accident, contact an experienced Tampa accident attorney. The Tampa law firm of Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore is available for a free consultation today.

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