How a Lawyer Can Help After a Surgical Error

In the aftermath of a surgical error, you might be understandably shaken and unsure of how to proceed. A lawyer focusing on medical malpractice can be a strong advocate for you during this difficult time.

Your surgical error lawyer can evaluate your case and determine if there are grounds for a medical malpractice case. They know how to obtain and analyze critical evidence, including expert testimony, which will help you build a strong case. Your attorney can communicate with medical professionals and insurance companies on your behalf. They can also negotiate a settlement or go to trial, if necessary.

Areas We Serve

Our surgical error lawyers are based in Tampa; however, we serve victims of medical malpractice throughout the state of Florida, including in the following cities:

  • Clearwater
  • St. Petersburg
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Bradenton
  • Key West
  • Brandon
  • Orlando
  • Sarasota
  • Boca Raton
  • Lakeland
  • Naples
  • Fort Myers
  • Cape Coral
  • Miami
  • West Palm Beach
  • Jacksonville

Understanding Florida Surgical Error Lawsuits

A successful surgical error lawsuit requires that you prove several elements. Among those is the negligence of a healthcare professional, his or her breach of the prevailing professional standard of care, and damages or injuries as a result.

Examples of Negligence in Surgical Error Claims

Examples of negligence in surgical error claims include, but are not limited to:

  • Operating on the wrong body part (wrong side or wrong body part surgeries)
  • Leaving a surgical instrument inside the patient
  • Operating on the wrong patient
  • Anesthesia errors (administering the wrong dosage or failing to monitor)
  • Operating while intoxicated or fatigued
  • Sewing up an instrument or foreign object inside the incision
  • Failing to properly sterilize surgical instruments
  • Performing unnecessary surgery
  • Surgical mistakes due to inadequate staffing or supervision
  • Failing to address complications during surgery
  • Inadequate communication or poor communication among surgical team members
  • Inadequate preoperative planning
  • Lack of informed consent
  • Equipment failures
  • Surgical site infections
  • Delayed diagnosis and treatment before or after the surgery

Calculating Damages in Surgical Error Claims

Damages in surgical error claims are frequently large because the harm to the patient can be significant. Calculating damages in surgical error claims involves two main categories: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages refer to the financial losses you experience because of an incident. These are concrete losses with a clear monetary value, and can often be documented with bills, receipts, or other financial records. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical bills and treatment costs, including ambulance rides
  • Lost wages
  • Home health care services
  • Cost of future medical care
  • Loss of earning capacity

Non-Economic Damages

In medical malpractice cases, non-economic damages are awarded to compensate a plaintiff for the intangible losses they suffer due to the medical professional’s negligence. They include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, scarring and disfigurement, mental anguish, and more. In Florida, you must have a permanent injury to receive non-economic damages.

Wrongful Death

If a loved one died due to complications from a surgical error, you could be compensated for your loss.

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If you sustained an unexpected injury as a result of a negligently performed surgical procedure  you may be able to get compensation for your losses. You shouldn’t be focused on dealing with a legal claim right now. Let our experienced surgical error lawyers handle the legal issues while you recover.

At WMW, our attorneys will guide you through this difficult time and help you get the compensation you need to move forward with life.

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