April 27, 2016

Tourists, Cruise Lines, and Law Suits: Oh My!

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Cruises are becoming a popular, common, and sometimes even affordable vacation choice for families across the country. However, this leads to potential problems if things go wrong so far from home. If you or a loved one is injured while on a cruise that departed from a port in the Sunshine State, it can be tempting to deal with your home- town attorney, maybe hundreds or thousands of miles from the scene of the accident. However, many attorneys around the country have no experience with the ins and outs of the complicated cruise ship injury law.

No matter how experienced your lawyer is in other areas of the law, if you’ve been involved in a cruise ship accident, finding an attorney based in Florida who is familiar with the various laws and rules involving cruise- line injuries is key. Given the internet, staying up to date on your case is easy, even across multiple state lines. Furthermore, many cruise lines require you to file your lawsuit in Florida, in any event.

If an injury has occurred, no matter who you plan to contact regarding legal help, documenting the scene with photographs and detailed notes is your best preparation. Be prepared to present this to your legal team as soon as possible, because most cruise lines require notification of a claim within a certain number of months following an injury.

It’s important to be timely and prepared when making a claim about a cruise line injury, and our Florida firm has much experience with the ins and outs of dealing with cruise ship injury law. The experienced Tampa personal injury legal team at Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore is available for a consultation today, no matter where you live.

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