June 12, 2019

Know the Water You Visit: Prevent Ocean Accidents

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A visit to the ocean is the hallmark of many a summer vacation. But you should also be aware that there are many potential dangers to look out for. It’s a very good idea to know the water you visit before you commit yourself to a leisurely swim. And if you are going to be boating or surfing, it’s extra important to know all of the conditions. 

Don’t Go Out on the Water Without Knowing the Conditions
When it comes to staying safe in the ocean, you need to be alert. The list of potential dangers is varied and long! Among other things, you need to watch out for sharks, jellyfish, surfers, sailboats or motorboats, jet-skiiers, unexpected water currents, and reckless swimmers. And you need to be aware of your rights. 

If you should find yourself involved in an accident on the water, you need to call on the services of a firm of Tampa Florida accident lawyers. We can help you make your claim against the parties who have negligently or recklessly caused the accident. And if your insurance company unreasonably refuses to give you the full settlement you are owed, we will work with you to help make them pay to the full extent of their obligations.

Contact the Firm of Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore for More Info
There are many reasons why it may not be best, in a case like this, to try to represent yourself. It’s much better to hire a lawyer who can safely guide your case through the settlement or trial process. The firm of Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore is composed of knowledgeable and experienced Tampa Florida accident lawyers. No matter what your issue may be, we are here to give you all of the latest and most up-to-date legal advice and representation that you may require. Feel free to contact us today in order to learn how we can help you get the justice you deserve.

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