June 14, 2019

Boating Water Accidents

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Florida is a haven for water enthusiasts of all types, including boaters. Where there is expansive water, there will always be boats. And just like on the highways with automobiles, where there is significant boat usage there will also be accidents. Boating accidents occur in a wide variety of situations, with many of those mishaps being the result of unsafe behavior on or around the water. While most boaters practice safety as a first priority, many do not. And when accidents and injury are the ultimate outcome, it is always best to retain legal guidance — like from Tampa FL boating accident attorneys Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore, who have decades of experience in boating accident cases. Boating accidents are often complicated, and determining the material facts of what actually transpired – facts that are central to establishing liability for damages – can be difficult. Following a few basic rules can help reduce the number of accidents experienced on the Florida waterways, avoiding the need for those lawsuits altogether. 

Detailed Maintenance

Mechanical failure and carbon monoxide poisoning are more common on the waterways than many people realize. Steering mechanisms and engine maintenance are vital to having a safe boat as well as ensuring that all boat hulls are in a sound state of repair. Life vests are also a legal requirement that all owners should keep in abundance on the boat. Boats are designed for a maximum capacity, and there should be as many vests as the capacity dictates. 

Behavior on the Water

A primary cause of boating accidents is always human behavior. Operating at reasonable speeds while on the water is of the utmost importance, as is keeping significant distance from other moving watercraft. This includes jet skis as well as boats, and the smaller the craft, the more attention to detail should be observed. And of course, alcohol use on the water should always be held to a minimum, and certainly no one should operate any water vehicle while consuming alcohol. Being a boat captain carries significant obligations and duties, and individuals should carry out those duties with seriousness and care.

Contact a Tampa Boat Accident Lawyer

It is typically unwise to attempt to handle a water accident claim personally because those claims can present complicated legal issues. Always feel free to call the Tampa FL boating accident attorneys at Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore for comprehensive representation.

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