June 7, 2019

No Lifeguard on Duty: Safety Tips for Trips to the Pool

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The summer is nearly here, which means there will be more trips to the pool. While this is one of the most fun activities to look forward to during this time of year, it can carry risks as well. It’s important to focus on pool safety when visiting private pools that lack lifeguards.

Always Supervise Children

When your young children are at the pool, you should never leave them alone. Supervise them diligently whether or not you are in the pool with them. If you have to step away for a few minutes to use the restroom or take or make a phone call, ask another adult to closely monitor the children.

Teach Basic Swimming Lessons

Knowing how to swim is an essential tool. Not only is it fun and good exercise, but it can also prevent a potential tragedy. Teach your children how to swim or enroll them in swimming lessons at your local YMCA or YWHA or through another organization.

Avoid Drains

Always avoid the pool’s drains or suctions, especially in shallow water. Teach your children to avoid these areas of the pool as they can be dangerous. Hair, body parts, and even bathing suits can become stuck, which can lead to serious injuries. If a pool lacks a drain cover, you should avoid even using the pool altogether.

Use Appropriate Flotation Devices

If your children do not yet know how to swim, get them appropriate flotation devices and ensure that they wear them whenever they go into the pool. Once they learn how to swim, they may no longer need to use them.

Learn CPR

Learn how to perform CPR. It will ensure you are able to save lives. CPR is often needed at the pool when an accident occurs. You can potentially save someone’s life when they are drowning. You can take CPR classes at your local community center or hospital.

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