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Are you a whistleblower? Do you know of someone cheating the government or about a fraud, false claim, or improper charge the United States is paying? When an individual or company commits fraud against the United States, the United States taxpayers are the victims. The False Claims Act was established to hold those who defraud the Government accountable for their actions. The Tampa Florida whistleblower attorneys at Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore have experience in whistleblower cases and are not only willing but eager to evaluate your potential Tampa Florida whistleblower case and discuss its merits and value with you.

There is no charge for our preliminary evaluation and discussion on your Tampa Florida whistleblower case, but we do need certain information from you to perform our evaluation. The quality of our evaluation is dependent upon the accuracy and fullness of the information you provide to us. Once we receive the information requested below, we will contact you to discuss our evaluation of your claim for Tampa Florida whistleblowing.

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