When most of us think of railroad accidents, we picture overturned cars piled up beside twisted tracks, with fire and flashing lights all around. While those sorts of railroad accidents do happen, many railroad accidents are somewhat less severe. Injuries in railroad accidents can be from minor incidents – such as when debris flies from the tracks or the train – or major incidents involving loss of life and multiple injuries. Everyone who has been injured through a railroad company’s negligence deserves proper compensation.

One of the unfortunate facts about railroads is that most crossings are unprotected by lights or safety gates – and that over half of railroad fatalities happen at these unprotected crossings. While these tragedies may sometimes be due to errors in the victim’s own decisions, they often arise out of some failure in railroad procedure or some other negligence by the operator of the train. Pedestrians can also be injured while walking near poorly maintained train tracks, or drivers may rely upon a faulty traffic signal. When an injury occurs, railroads are often reluctant to accept liability, and litigation may be necessary to prove that the accident arose from the railroad’s negligence.

As with any personal injury case, your observations and careful notes are likely to be very important in proving liability. You should keep records of doctor’s visits, medical bills, and accident reports. You should take down the names of any witnesses and remember that whatever you say to anyone at the scene could be twisted and used against you later.

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