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What You Need to Know about FL Boat Law

The laws relating to injuries and damage caused on the water or sometimes very close to it are frequently governed by what we refer to as admiralty or maritime law. The body of law that involves disputes concerning vessels in navigable waters is known as general maritime law. The general maritime law has a long history and was first found in 2000 B.C within the Hammurabi Code. Large parts of the modern maritime law come from the Code of Oleron, which was written by King Richard I in the 12th century.

Today’s maritime laws (sometimes called “boat law”) involve rules, regulations, and legal principles that can be quite different from what most lawyers practicing traditional “injury law” deal with or are familiar with. If you have been injured or damaged on or by the operation of a boat, jet ski, or cruise ship – virtually anything that floats – your claim is probably governed by admiralty and maritime laws. In selecting an attorney to advise you about your claim, you should make sure that your counsel has specific experience and training in maritime and admiralty law. At Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore, we have attorneys with decades of experience in the intricacies of boat law and who can evaluate your potential claim as it is affected by the specialized rules and principles of maritime and admiralty law. You should accept nothing less than an attorney with experience and training in this specialized area.

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