July 15, 2016

Witness in Personal Injury Case?

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Who are Some of the Most Important Witnesses for Your Tampa Personal Injury Case?

A witness is someone who has information that is or may be relevant to the issues presented in a particular case. Who are some of the most important such witnesses?


The people who saw the incident that led to the personal injury are extremely important, for obvious reasons. Eyewitness testimony can provide a clearer picture of what happened, thus resulting in an improved understanding of the underlying incident or events giving rise to the claim.Such testimony can and often does provide proof of the incident when other means fail or are unavailable.


Expert witnesses: Experts are often needed to prove certain more sophisticated elements of a claim. Causation is one area where expert testimony is often needed. For example, if you claiming that the malpractice of a doctor resulted in injury to you,expert testimony from a respected doctor, willing to testify that the incident caused you harm, can be critical to your success.


Before and After Witnesses: Finally, your friends, family members, and even other acquaintances can be surprisingly important in a personal injury case. After all, they are the ones who knew you both before and after the incident, meaning that they have the best idea of what has changed about you because of your personal injuries. As a result, they are critical for establishing the impact that the incident has had on all aspects of your life.


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