March 4, 2015

What to Wear to Court

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First, let’s talk about why you should pay attention to your clothing in general. Most people are aware when they get dressed each morning that the clothes they choose will make an impression on everyone they meet. Most people are also aware that they don’t always want to make the same impression in every setting. For example, the clothes you wear to church are probably not the clothes you wear to the club, because you want the people at church to see you as conservative and faithful and you want the people at the club to think you’re cool or sexy or available.

At court, you generally want to be seen as reasonable and respectful. If the judge and jury see you and immediately think “sexy,” you’ve missed the mark a bit. If they see you and think you’re dirty or unkempt or someone they wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley, you’ve missed the mark a lot.

Despite the wonderful Florida sunshine, you shouldn’t walk into a Florida courtroom for a medical malpractice or accident lawsuit looking like you’re ready for the beach. The judge has to wear a big black robe; you shouldn’t flaunt how comfortable you are in your flip-flops and shorts.

It’s not always necessary to dress like an attorney, though. Attorneys have their own dress code, and you don’t usually have to look like you argue cases for a living.

With that in mind, consider this short list of clothes that might get you asked to go home and change:
• Hats, unless for religious reasons
• Tank tops or halter tops or any tops that show off your cleavage, midriff or back
• Short shorts, skirts, or any clothing that shows off too much of your upper thighs
• Ripped or stained jeans or shirts
• T-shirts with offensive or controversial slogans
• Flip-flops
• Beach attire

What actually works best for your particular case or the particular occasion will vary. For most depositions, it’s okay to wear dressy casual clothes (nice, clean jeans with a blouse or polo shirt), while for most trials, it’s better if you wear business casual (slacks or skirts, button-down shirts) or, better yet, a suit or conservative dress.

Always ask your attorney for guidance in selecting your outfit for court.

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