September 18, 2020

What to do if a Head-on Collision is Unavoidable?

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One of the most dangerous types of accidents that you could have on the road is a head-on collision. The reason this type of accident is so dangerous is that the vehicles involved are more than likely traveling at normal highway speeds when they collide (unless, hopefully, one vehicle sees the other and slows down). The impact of the vehicles can result in multiple types of injuries including broken bones or paralysis — and, in some cases, death. After you (or a loved one) have been involved in a head-on collision, consider speaking with Tampa personal injury attorneys, who can help you file a claim against the other party and recover, if the accident was of no fault of your own.

There are a few things that you can do when you’re driving to try to prevent a head-on collision. Since many severe injuries occur because of the high rate of speed that you’re traveling on impact, try to slow down as much as possible if you see another driver swerving on the road or if you see another driver passing in your lane. If you see that an accident can’t be avoided, then try to look on either side of the road to determine if there is something else that you could hit instead of the oncoming car. A barrier, mailbox, or a ditch are examples of items or landscape on the side of the road that you may be able to veer into instead of colliding with the other car. When speaking with a Tampa car accident attorney, you will want to give details about the ways that you tried to prevent the accident and actions taken by the other driver on the road.

If you’re injured or if a passenger in your vehicle is injured, you can consult with Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore, Tampa car accident injury attorneys, about seeking recovery for the lost wages you incurred, if you needed to miss work, as well as for the medical treatments related to your injuries. Your attorney can also handle communications with the other party and the insurance company on your behalf. Do not hesitate to give us a call today, at 813.225.4000.

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