October 16, 2020

Serious Injuries and Multi-Car Accidents – Who is Liable?

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You might be involved in a multi-car accident one day, and you’ll want to know what your options are if that’s the case. A multi-car incident is an accident that occurs between more than two vehicles. They happen all the time on major highways, and they often need Tampa multi-car accident attorney assistance to figure out who’s liable and who should receive compensation. The following is some additional information on such incidents so that you can determine whether the law entitles you to receive assistance.

What’s a Multi-car Accident?

Multi-car accidents occur when several cars crash as a result of a primary accident. An example is an incident where a driver on the highway brakes quickly to avoid hitting another car or an object. Two or more vehicles behind that car might end up crashing into each other because of the initial brake. The initial brake might have occurred because of something that the frontline driver did wrong. A Tampa multi-car accident attorney can bring clarity to a mess like that.

Who’s Liable for Serious Injuries?

It’s difficult to tell who’s liable for serious injuries in a multi-car accident because so many drivers are involved. A Tampa serious injury attorney would need to assess the accident, gather factual information from drivers, passengers, and witnesses, and review the documentation that surrounds it. Multiple parties might be at fault. Thus, numerous parties might have responsibility for paying compensation to the other parties.

What Factors Determine Fault in Multi-car Crashes?

Driving habits, manufacturer defects, and road and weather conditions are all factors that a Tampa car accident injury attorney will look at when he or she is trying to determine fault. In some cases, the fault can be split between several parties, and those parties might even include the injured persons.

You can speak to someone at Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore about your case if you were involved in a multi-car crash. Schedule a consultation to discuss your options and to see if you are entitled to compensation from wrongdoers.

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