February 18, 2020

Stadium Accidents: Who is Liable?

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Many Americans and others around the world love to go to a sports stadium to cheer on their favorite team in their latest sports triumphs. However, there can be some danger in those stadiums as well, and people have been injured.

It is extremely important to look into hiring Tampa personal injury attorneys for any kind of stadium-related injury that may occur as a result of being in a stadium and enjoying the game. Some people attempt to settle things out of court or handle this type of case themselves, but that can be unwise, as y could be ripped off and denied your rights if you do. The most advisable course is to turn to seasoned lawyers in these types of cases – and Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore is among the most experienced plaintiffs’ trial attorneys anywhere.

The most common type of stadium accident that occurs is a traditional slip and fall. It is easy to see how someone might enter a portion of a stadium that has not been properly cleaned up or maintained. When that occurs, it may be the case that they get into a situation where they slip on some dropped food or standing water, as examples. This could cause them to fall and result in serious injury in some cases. Luckily, the Tampa personal injury attorneys at this firm have seen such cases and know how to handle them.

Sports stadium owners purchase large insurance policies for themselves and frequently have a large team of lawyers on their side working to prevent recovery. A hurt patron needs help on his or her side to balance those scales out. Get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers. We’d be honored to help.

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