May 6, 2019

Spring Break Bar Injuries

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When Spring Break rolls around each year, bars get a large amount of business from vacationing college students. Intoxication reduces self-control and judgment, often leading to confrontations. Unfortunately, many times these situations result in fights and injuries to innocent bystanders. When this occurs, not only is getting medical treatment a priority, but so is contacting a Florida Spring Break accident attorney to discuss filing a lawsuit against those responsible for your injuries.

Typical Injuries

In a Spring Break bar fight, a variety of injuries can occur. In many cases, bystanders suffer broken bones from being hit by furniture or thrown against walls or to the floor. Along with these injuries, lacerations are also common, often from being hit with broken beer bottles or being cut by glass from shattered windows or mirrors. These injuries can be serious, not only requiring medical attention but also causing time away from work while the victim recuperates. Whenever you sustain serious injuries from a Spring Break bar fight, contact a Tampa personal injury lawyer to discuss filing a lawsuit that could help you gain financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and perhaps pain and suffering associated with your injuries.

Who is Liable for My Injuries?

When you are injured in a Spring Break bar fight, your attorney can discuss with you the several different parties who, by law, could be held liable for your injuries. While the most obvious is the individual or individuals who actually injured you through their actions, the bar owner, as well as possibly staff members, may possibly be held liable as well. For example, if your Tampa personal injury attorneys can prove alcohol was over-served to individuals, this can be useful to your case. Along with this, such aspects as dark lighting in the bar, or failure of staff to give you adequate warning regarding a potentially dangerous situation, can also be a significant factor in determining which party is liable.

Rather than let a bar, its staff, and drunk individuals escape responsibility after seriously injuring you and others, contact the law firm of Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore to begin the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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