February 22, 2019

Pedestrian Safety: Walking Along the Side of the Road without a Designated Sidewalk

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Walking along a highway can be a very dangerous practice in certain situations. Even when doing so along a roadway with a minimal speed limit, it is still important for all pedestrians to take extra precautions regarding passing traffic. Pedestrians have the designated right of way when a sidewalk is present, but this is not always the case on an open roadway. Pedestrians can be evaluated for their own contribution to a resulting accident when they do not use due care under the circumstances. Any Tampa Florida personal injury attorney will stress that knowing the rules of the road regarding pedestrian traffic is vital for those who are walking along the roadside — and maintaining those principles can be nothing short of the difference between life and death. 

Increase Visibility 

Depending on the circumstances, being as visible as possible is the first concern when walking along a roadway. Those who know they will be walking should wear bright clothing of some type. For those walking because of an unforeseen problem, walking close to the road is acceptable when no traffic is coming, but be prepared to move away quickly. In addition, always walk the side of the street that faces the traffic based on your traveling direction. This is typically the left side. 

Step Away When Traffic Passes 

One of the most dangerous practices while walking without a designated lane is not stopping when a vehicle passes. It is always best to take your time whenever possible and always step away from the road when any car is in the vicinity. The velocity of a vehicle can even knock a pedestrian off his or her feet, which could result in a serious personal injury. Don’t hesitate to call a Tampa personal injury law firm as soon as possible after this happens. 

Stay Alert and Avoid Alcohol Usage 

Paying close attention is vital when walking along a roadway, and taking extra precaution is best. This includes not walking along the highway while using alcohol. Intoxication obviously makes one’s gate, orientation, and judgment increasingly unsteady and could well become relevant, should an accident occur, on the issue of comparative fault. 

Contact a Tampa Attorney Personal Injury 

Have you been injured while walking along the roadside? We encourage you to consult with Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore, Tampa Florida personal injury attorneys, for a full evaluation of your potential injury claim.

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