August 18, 2017

Injured at the Circus?

Categories: Personal Injury

Many of us have fond memories of being entertained watching the Ringling Brothers Circus while growing up in Tampa. Now that they have closed their tents for good, many of us may look to other traveling circuses that come to town or plan to travel to other cities to be entertained. No matter the location or type of circus attraction, when it comes to circus priorities, the safety of all visitors should come before fun.

Legal Assistance for the Victims of Circus Mishaps

A circus is an exciting place to visit, but the chance for excitement can also be fraught with risks. Circus hazards can extend beyond the ring — and capture even the spectators. Anyone who has been injured while attending a circus may consider seeking financial compensation, but knowing what your options are and how to best pursue them will necessitate hiring proper legal representation. This type of assistance is available from the Tampa personal injury lawyers at Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore.

Assessing the Risks

Though not always obvious, circus risks come in many forms. Such shows usually feature large and predatory animals that, if not kept under control, could escape into the spectator area. Fire breathing demonstrations and the use of pyrotechnics can be risky if not properly performed or supervised. Accidents involving circus and carnival rides can result from faulty maintenance, design defects, or operational mistakes. Some risks may not be so obvious, such as walkways that are not properly maintained or displayed objects that have not been properly secured. Tampa Bay injury attorneys are prepared to help clients who have been harmed in these situations or in other ways on circus grounds.

The Need for Legal Representation

Tampa injury attorneys such as Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore understand the workings of the legal system and can help those seeking compensation after a circus accident. They will study the circumstances of every mishap they litigate in order to determine who is legally responsible for resulting damages, employing expert testimony if necessary. Experienced Tampa injury attorneys will resist efforts to settle for an insufficient amount and are prepared to take cases to trial in order to reach the best possible result for their clients. .

Seeking Financial Compensation

If negligence is present, damages may be sought to cover medical bills or to compensate for lost wages. Under certain circumstances, they may also be sought by family members for their personal suffering. However, many factors affect both liability and damages, and financial compensation is rarely a foregone conclusion. You will want an experienced attorney to consult with you and to guide you through the process, every step of the way. If you have been injured at a circus or other similar attraction, consider seeking out the Tampa personal injury lawyers at Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore. We are here to help.

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