June 25, 2018

Drowsy Driving: What can be done to Prevent Fatal Truck Accidents

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Dealing With the Risk of Drowsy Truck Drivers

Drowsy truck drivers represent a threat to themselves and to other members of the traveling public. If you have experienced an accident resulting from truck driver fatigue, you may need and be entitled to financial compensation. Do not hesitate to seek out the assistance of a Tampa personal injury attorney to ensure your fair treatment under the laws of Florida. This type of help is available from the law firm of Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore.

Truck Drivers and Fatigue

The drivers of commercial trucks face long hours behind the wheel and may be tempted by demanding schedules to stretch the limits of their endurance. According to one government study, fatigue is a factor in 13 percent of the crashes involving large trucks on American roads and highways. Based on research conducted by the Sleep Help Institute, fatigue may be an even more serious and pervasive issue, however. A separate study in fact showed that about half of the truck drivers who were surveyed reported being behind the wheel at least once while feeling tired.

Combating Driver Fatigue

Government authorities have attempted to deal with the issue of driver fatigue by implementing a number of regulations. Among other restrictions, truck drivers are not allowed to work more than 70 hours per week or 11 hours within any 24-hour period. However, some trucking firms and individual drivers have fought or at least tried to get around these safety regulations. Some drivers even claim that mandatory rest periods are useless to those who work on irregular schedules. Here are some of the other factors that can prove harmful relative to the issue of driver fatigue:

•The use of drugs to stay awake
•Poor nutrition habits
•Sleeping berths in trucks, which can actually contribute to accidents occurring within a short time after the driver awakens from a period of sleep

Help for Drowsy Drivers and Their Victims

In order to help drivers deal with the issue of fatigue, the Sleep Help Institute has listed a number of suggestions at Lifengoal. Motorists who are victimized by drowsy truck drivers will also need help in the form of financial compensation to cover medical expenses and replace lost wages suffered as a result of the driver’s or company’s negligence. It is these victims and their families who need the help of an auto accident lawyer in Tampa.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you should consider turning to the services available from the law firm of Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore. Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore’s attorneys have the judgment and years of experience to help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.







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