October 29, 2021

Catastrophic Semi-Truck Accidents

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In September, a driver was killed after losing control of his pickup truck creating a Semi-Truck Accident in Tampa Bay. It was an otherwise uneventful afternoon on the Veterans Expressway, before the day took a tragic, and deadly, turn. Police say that the male driver was traveling north, when he lost control of his truck, entered the outer shoulder of the road, and slammed into a concrete wall.

After the initial impact, police say, the truck careened back into the road and struck the axles of a semi-truck. The semi then jack-knifed as both vehicles hurdled into the barrier wall and were engulfed in flames. The accident resulted in untold loss for the victims and their families and caused the northbound roadway to be closed down for several hours.

Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore Discusses the Rise of Semi-Truck Accidents in Tampa Bay

Here at Wagner Law, our experienced Tampa Bay personal injury attorneys have worked on all kinds of shocking and traumatic auto accident cases. But it is always disquieting to hear first-hand about the damage and terror that a semi-truck accident can create.

Unfortunately, these types of accidents are only increasing in prevalence in the state of Florida. According to the NHSTA, Florida is Number #3 nationally for traffic fatalities that involve semi-trucks.

Because of the size, mass, and sheer power of these commercial cargo vehicles, accidents that involve large commercial trucks can be far more dangerous than ordinary accidents. As any experienced Semi-Truck Accident Attorney in Tampa Bay will tell you, the stories, the injuries, and the damage that can result from these accidents are enormous. As a driver on Florida roads, you should understand the elevated risks involved in such accidents.

If you’ve spent any time near a highway, you’ll be familiar with the noise that semi-trucks make when they must come to a stop on a declining stretch of road. It sounds something like two incredibly enormous pieces of rubber scraping together. This is what truck drivers refer to as the “jimmy break.” It is a breaking system located not in any of the wheel drums, but within the engine itself. It is a system designed to slow the tremendously powerful machine that delivers power to the wheels. In addition to this exotic braking system, semi-trucks also have conventional breaks within the drums of their wheels. That should give you some idea of the fantastic amount of power these trucks generate, and the forces that must be overcome before they can come to a complete stop.

As a Tampa Bay Catastrophic Accident Attorney with more than fifty years of experience, Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore will tell you that nearly every collision incident involving one of these monster vehicles is as terrifying as it is potentially deadly.

If there is any good news to be shared on this topic, it is the fact that most road-bound cargo services, rendered using these huge trucks, are owned by large trucking corporations. That means if you have been hurt, suffered property damage, or both in a semi-truck accident, you are more likely to have a full measure of legal recourse. Any good trucking company will be well insured, and if you deserve compensation for your damages, then a Tampa Bay Catastrophic Injury Attorney can help.

If you have been the victim of a semi-truck accident and are either not at fault or share some fault with the semi-truck driver, you need to speak to a qualified Tampa Bay Truck Accident Attorney. After such a traumatic event, handling legal documents, filing papers, and the stress of dealing with health care bills can be a huge burden to shoulder. A Tampa Bay Semi-Truck Accident Attorney will handle the red tape and the legal work for you, working hard to maximize any compensation you may be owed. That will leave you free to focus your energies where they need to be: on fully recovering and moving on with your life.

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