April 4, 2016

Avoiding a Slip, Trip, or Fall

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As one of the leading causes of injury, slips, trips, and falls are something that everyone can be vigilant about. The result of these can vary in severity from a bruise to broken bones and beyond. Because falling is so commonplace, people might believe that these events are simply accidents that “just happen” and can’t be prevented. However, the potential likelihood of a slip, trip, or fall can be reduced by a few preventative measures.

First, be aware where dangerous points might be. Slippery surfaces (glossy, polished, and wet areas especially) should receive careful attention, as should broken, crumbling, or otherwise uneven walkways. Pay particular attention, too, to transition areas that involve steps or changes in direction, as those can lead to surprises.

After you have identified potentially troublesome spots in your workplace or home, consider if enough attention is drawn to the problem. A dark corridor could benefit from more lighting. A cracked pathway should be repaired. Wet floor signs would draw attention to a slippery area near a fountain. All mats should be secured. Everyone in the building, whether it’s a workplace or residence, should be aware of cleaning supplies to eliminate spills that may become hazards.

If the area itself is safe, make sure you’re staying aware. Wear shoes with good traction to avoid slipping. Keep a healthy diet to remain awake and energetic throughout the day and avoid lethargy. Stay fit, so your body is able to react more quickly and with more agility. If you do fall, a healthy body has been proven to recover more quickly.

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