Injured While Shopping For Essentials At A Grocery Store? We Can Help You!

injured while shoppingEven while the COVID-19 pandemic plays out across the country, that does not mean you can avoid going to the grocery store for various essentials. Unfortunately, despite social distancing, you may be injured while shopping. Whether this involves a slip and fall accident in a store aisle, being struck by falling merchandise from store shelves, or other circumstances, never hesitate to seek advice regarding compensation for your injuries. To start the process, turn to personal injury attorneys in Tampa FL at Wagner McLaughlin.


Evidence of Your Injuries

When you are injured in a grocery store, it will be crucial you have as much evidence as possible supporting your case. In most cases, this will involve video footage from the store, eyewitness statements as to what happened, and photos of the accident scene. In addition, always allow yourself to receive medical treatment at the store and be taken to a hospital for additional treatment, since this will show insurance companies you were indeed seriously injured in your accident.


Say as Little as Possible about the Accident

When you are at the store following your accident, say as little as possible about what happened until you have spoken to personal injury attorneys in Tampa FL at Wagner McLaughlin. Unfortunately, if you say something as simple as “I’m sorry” to a store manager, they can try to use this against you to claim you caused the accident. Should this happen, you may lose out on the chance to be compensated for your injuries, lost wages, and other damages.


While you may think the grocery store and its insurance company will want to help you in these situations, it is typically in their best interest to try tomake you look as bad as possible. To have expert legal representation on your side, consult at once with personal injury attorneys in Tampa FL at Wagner McLaughlin.