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INTERNET SECURITY: Sending information over the internet is not always a secure way to send information. While we will keep the information you send us over the internet CONFIDENTIAL once it is received in our office, we cannot be assured that it will be secure while being transmitted to our office. If you have any concerns about that, please print the information above and mail it to us at:

Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore, P.A.
601 Bayshore Boulevard
Suite 910
Tampa, Florida, 33606

THE SERVICE WE PROVIDE: When we receive the information you have provided, we will evaluate the information and then contact you (in the manner you have requested) to tell you:

a. Our preliminary evaluation of the merits of your case
b. Whether we would be willing to represent you.

Obviously, the information you have sent us may not be sufficient to provide full answers to the above matters. If more information is needed, we will contact you to obtain the necessary additional information before we give you our evaluation of your potential claim.

We will try to be in touch with you within a short period of time. We are an active law firm with many trials, however, and on occasion the requirements of providing service to our current clients may cause us to delay answering your inquiry. If you do not hear from us within a reasonable time, don’t hesitate to call. Under most circumstances, you should expect to hear from us within two days of our receipt of your inquiry.

OUR FEES: We charge no fee to provide the limited service described above. If you decide to employ our firm to represent you, we will provide contracts for you to read and sign. We also suggest you read the “Protecting Your Rights” tab on this site. If we represent you, we are willing to do so on a “Contingent Fee” basis, that is, you will owe us no fee for our services unless we make a recovery for you, and in the event of a recovery, your fee will be a percentage of the amount recovered, as outlined on this site and in the written contract we will provide to you.


  1. The advice we provide is obviously limited by the information you provide to us. Final advice would be based upon a complete evaluation of your entire case. This cannot be accomplished with the limited information you have given us above. Often a full evaluation of a claim cannot be given without collecting considerable information, records, and other investigation. Often a decision about a claim can only be made after a personal interview.
  2. Your claim may be barred by one or more Statutes of Limitations. These statutes provide that if a suit is not brought within a certain amount of time, the claim can never be thereafter brought. Likewise, the information you furnish may be furnished at a time so close to expiration of the statute of limitations that we do not have time to provide any help to you before the time expires. By asking for our help, you agree that we are not liable for failing to file suit on your behalf or failing to take any other action on your behalf.
  3. You are not obligated to employ this firm by sending this information. Likewise, we are not obligated to accept you as a client by providing this help to you. We reserve the right to decline to represent you for any reason whatsoever. Once we have provided the limited service mentioned above, we reserve the right to refuse to become involved in further evaluation of your claim or in providing further advice. If we decline to represent you, or to provide additional advice, we will so advise you in writing at the address you have given us.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: We are available to provide additional advice and services upon written or telephoned request unless we advise you of our decision not to do so as outlined above. Please feel free to write us at our Bayshore Office if more information is needed. It always helps to send along as much information as you have to help us help you.