May 1, 2015

The Injured International Tourist

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Injuries seem worse when you’re far from home

Work with the experienced International Tourist Claim lawyers!

The Florida sunshine attracts tourists from all over the world. These travelers come to enjoy beaches, local attractions, and some time having fun with their families and friends away from home. When an international tourist is injured in Florida, however, an enjoyable vacation can be ruined.

When you’re injured internationally through someone else’s negligence, many considerations may make it difficult to obtain compensation. Language barriers and time zone differences may make communication difficult after you return home. Lack of understanding about Florida’s legal system and how it differs from your home country’s system may have an unfortunate impact on many of your decisions. Witnesses to the injury may also have left Florida before trial and may need to be brought back for depositions and for the trial itself. Your medical doctors in your home country may be required to travel to Florida for depositions and trial, as well, as Florida law does not normally allow essential evidence to be presented through affidavit.

Beyond the difficulties in evidence, going to trial in Florida on your personal injury case will require expenses of travel and missed work for you, personally. You will likely be required to travel back to Florida and to obtain lodging for depositions, settlement conferences, mediation, and, if all else fails, for the trial, itself. While travel can often be minimized by combining several matters into a single trip, the expense and time lost could reduce or even eliminate the benefit of any recovery.

If you are an international tourist who has been injured in Florida, it is important that you consult as soon as possible with an attorney experienced in international personal injury cases. Your attorney can help you contact witnesses, obtain evidence, and map out the potential costs and benefits of going forward with trial. Even if you decide that a jury trial would not be financially beneficial, your attorney may still be able to help you negotiate a resolution that can minimize your expenses and maximize your recovery without a trial.

Your vacation may not have ended up to be the dream you wanted, but the process of getting compensation doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

If you are an injured international tourist in need of an attorney in Florida, the Tampa Bay attorneys of Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore would be pleased to speak with you. We have represented many clients from overseas, and would be pleased to fight aggressively to protect your rights. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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