July 6, 2018

Tampa: Working to Prevent Bicycle Accidents

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Tampa, one of Florida’s largest west-coast cities, has recently earned bad publicity for its high number of bicycling accidents. Now there are new biker-friendly laws that are designed to prevent future accidents. As a bicyclist, it’s important to know the importance of being protected by the law.

The Solution to City Bicycling Problem

In many cities, bicyclists are not kept safe from dangerous cars that come too close. They have very little space to ride on the street, and in some areas, there are no sidewalks at all. As a result, accidents occur between cars and bicycles – and, more frequently than not, the bicyclist is the one who takes the brunt of the injuries.

Tampa has solved this problem by creating bike lanes. Bikers are classified as vehicles and given their own spacious lanes on the road. They no longer have to share lanes with drivers. The Florida Uniform Traffic Control Law states that bicyclists have the same rights as drivers and motorcyclists, and they must follow all of the traffic laws. Local law enforcement is required to watch for illegal moves and issue fines, if necessary.

Attorneys Are More Helpful

While the law is now more protective of the rights of Tampa bicyclists, accidents can still occur between drivers and bikers. When they do, contacting a personal injury lawyer in Tampa is the ideal option.

An attorney collects evidence and determines who is at fault for the accident. If the driver is at fault, a lawyer argues your position in court. If the defendant driver is found to have been negligent, he or she will be expected to provide compensation for your medical bills, vehicular damages, and lost wages.

The process may seem straightforward, but it’s more difficult when trying to navigate on your own. Finding the right attorney to help you should be your first step in the aftermath of an accident.

The new biker-friendly laws in Tampa are designed with peace, co-existence, and protection in mind. When they work as intended, the laws help prevent bicycle accidents from happening on busy streets. Bicyclists are protected from physical harm, and drivers are protected from personal liability. If an accident does happen, however, Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore has a team of Tampa personal injury attorneys who are prepared to take your case and fight hard for you.















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