May 29, 2018

Emergency Car Accident Kit

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Emergency Accident Supplies 

Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore in Tampa, Fla., wants you to have an emergency kit in your vehicle to help you if, gosh forbid, an accident should occur. You might wonder what you should have in an emergency kit. The law firm recommends storing these items in your vehicle’s trunk.

Emergency Kit Item 1: Road Flares

You should have road flares to place around your vehicle after an accident so that other drivers can see you when it is dusk or if there is inclement weather. Road flares can prevent a second collision, or the items can alert other drivers who can call for assistance.

Emergency Kit Item 2: Fire Extinguisher 

Buy a fire extinguisher to keep in your vehicle’s trunk. With this item, you can extinguish a small fire that occurs in a vehicle’s engine. Use extreme caution while extinguishing any fire. When the fire grows, it is often better to stay away from a burning vehicle altogether.

Emergency Kit Item 3: First-aid Kit

Keep a first-aid kit in your vehicle’s trunk to help with minor injuries until paramedics arrive. You should take a first-aid class to understand how to care for particular types of injuries along with knowing how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Emergency Kit Item 4: Blankets

Make sure to keep one or more blankets in your vehicle to have when an accident occurs. Not only can a blanket keep you warm in cold weather, but also, you can use it when someone is hurt to help prevent shock. The signs of shock after an accident include constant shaking and a drop in body temperature.

Emergency Kit Item 5: Cellphone

Have a cellphone ready to call for help when a vehicle accident occurs. Make sure that the cellphone is charged so that you can call paramedics in any location. Many cellphones also have GPS systems so that telephone operators can find your location.

A Law Firm’s Telephone Number

You can prevent an assortment of legal problems by having handy the telephone number of an accident attorney in Tampa, Florida. Wagner, McLaughlin & Whittemore’s phone number is 813-225-4000. Please be careful out there, and do not hesitate to call us any time you need us.



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