December 14, 2017

Distracted Driving – The Top Five Distractions That Lead To Accidents While Driving

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While operating a motor vehicle, even the smallest distractions can have serious, and sometimes fatal, consequences. Oncoming vehicular traffic, pedestrians, and even bicyclists can all be sources of catastrophe when they lure or force the eyes of drivers to leave the road.

What are the five most common distractions that drivers should be aware of to avoid accidents?

Texting While Driving

Text messaging is an act that takes a considerable amount of concentration. Driving is an act that takes total concentration. The two activities should not be combined. Drivers should wait until reaching their destination before replying to text messages.

Reaching for Knobs and Gadgets

Reaching to change a music selection or adjusting the volume of the music is a distraction that is totally avoidable. Drivers should either make their track selection or turn on the radio at the outset of their journey.

Food and Drink

The theme is becoming apparent, as this is another completely avoidable distraction that continues to cause calamity on roads and highways. Morning coffee, drive-thru snacks, and even complete meals have all been known to distract motorists and cause accidents. These things can be enjoyed before traveling by car or once the destination is reached.


Passengers traveling with drivers have the potential to be a major source of distraction. Conversation with passengers is totally understandable as long as the driver keeps both eyes on the road in front of him or her.

Observing Events Outside the Car

Driving is not a spectator sport. Paying attention to people or accidents on the road can be extremely dangerous. Traveling in close proximity to the scene of an accident is hazardous by nature and should be treated as such. Total concentration should be paid to driving.

What To Do If Injured

Drivers and passengers involved in motor vehicle accidents caused by these factors or any others should seek legal counsel immediately. The legal process pertaining to injury claims stemming from vehicular accidents is complex, and seeking out a skilled and competent attorney is the best way for injured parties to protect their rights and receive any compensation due to them.

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