Florida’s pristine beaches and famous sunshine attract over 85 million tourists each year and make our state a popular retirement destination. Families who live here love the easy access to recreation, the thriving economy, and our generally healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, however, there are hidden dangers that may threaten the health of many Floridians.

The movie Erin Brockovich, though set in California, exposed the toxic chemical-waste dangers inherent in some industries. As with the California gas and electric company at the center of the movie’s lawsuit, Florida is home to several industries famous for high levels of toxic waste, including pulp paper mills, phosphate fertilizer factories, mining companies, power plants, and chemical plants, to name a few. These industries deal with chemicals and chemical waste in their daily operations and are required to follow strict guidelines for handling and disposal. Unfortunately, not all companies comply with the guidelines or carefully evaluate the impact their chemicals have on the water table, the health of the local soil, or  local rivers and streams.

In addition to those dangers, some of the products all of us consumers regularly use may contain toxic chemicals, from plastic toys and art supplies to food packaging and non-stick pans. Use of dangerous products can have a slow but lasting effect on the health of Florida’s families. Exposure to any toxic chemical too often results in cancer, childhood developmental problems, and/or reproductive issues.

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