Legal Malpractice Help Topics

Help Topics

What is legal malpractice?
Definition of legal malpractice

What are your fees?
The costs involved in bringing and prosecuting your claim

Legal Terminology
Legal terms explained

May I talk with a lawyer for free?
Explanation of legal consultation at no charge

I have a complicated case — how do I proceed?
The steps to proceeding with your case

What are my rights?
Rights of the client

I have an unresolved case — what can I do?
There is no way for you to know whether you really have a legal malpractice claim or not, until you speak with an attorney. Even what appears to be a very simple legal malpractice case can, and often is, quite complicated. Only a lawyer who is trained to recognize the issues of the underlying dispute and analyze the conduct of the lawyer who may be at fault can form an accurate opinion about whether there is a legal malpractice claim and whether it is worthwhile for you to pursue a claim.

My attorney failed to file my lawsuit in time
Helpful information regarding a lawyer’s duty to file in a reasonable amount of time

What are the various types of attorney malpractice?
Helpful information about different forms of malpractice

I have settled my case but I believe my lawyer was negligent. Can I do anything?
The complexities of malpractice claims based on bad settlements

How long do I have to sue a lawyer?
Know the applicable statute of limitations