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Wagner McLaughlin has been "speaking up for the injured" - with commanding volume and authority - since opening its first office in Tampa in 1967.

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Few experiences are more frustrating than suffering an injury caused by someone else. At Wagner McLaughlin, we represent only the injured – never insurance companies or their clients. Our firm, founded in 1967, is one of Tampa’s oldest and most respected plaintiff trial firms. Our partners are leaders who have achieved professional honors reserved for a small and select number of trial attorneys.

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Wagner McLaughlin has been “speaking up for the injured” — with commanding volume and authority — since opening its first office in Tampa in 1967. Today, the firm is among the most respected plaintiffs’ personal injury law firms in the state of Florida and the nation, with partners who have shown extraordinary leadership in both the courtroom and the broader legal profession.

No fee unless we win

Our attorneys’ commitment to our clients and to the legal system goes far beyond just the courtroom. We routinely help to underwrite efforts to maintain and strengthen the vital jury system and to fight legislative limitations on awards for the pain and the suffering of injured plaintiffs and so-called “tort reform” that favors only the negligent and the powerful.

Personal attention

Wagner McLaughlin has produced many legal landmarks over the years, expansive in both the number and the breadth, and has been extremely successful, on any measure. If catalogued here, our wins over the decades would be as impressive to the layperson as to the most knowledgeable legal expert. Yet, we are proud to measure our success, most of all, by our unyielding commitment to each client individually.

What Our Client Say About Us

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We represent plaintiffs who have been harmed by the negligent or reckless acts of health-care professionals

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