head-on collision

What to do if a Head-on Collision is Unavoidable?

posted on Friday, September 18th, 2020 and is filed under Personal Injury, Uncategorized

One of the most dangerous types of accidents that you could have on the road is a head-on collision. The reason this type of accident is so dangerous is that the vehicles involved are more than likely traveling at normal...

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statue of limitation

What is the statute of limitations in Florida for personal injury claims?

posted on Friday, August 28th, 2020 and is filed under Personal Injury, Uncategorized

What does a statute of limitations mean? A statute of limitations is basically the amount of time you have to file a case before you can no longer take legal action. Some types of cases do not have a statute...

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car accident a year ago

Got Injured in a Car Accident a Year Ago, Is It Too Late to Make a Claim?

posted on Friday, June 26th, 2020 and is filed under Personal Injury, Uncategorized

Many people are injured in automobile accidents and do not realize how injured they actually are until later. This is especially true with issues like back injuries that have a way of hanging on throughout the remainder of the victim’s...

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slip and fall in apartment building

Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident in My Apartment Building: May I Claim Financial Compensation?

posted on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 and is filed under Uncategorized

As a tenant living in an apartment building, it is reasonable to expect that the building and the area around it will be maintained for safety. Unfortunately, this is not always the case,and many tenants endure injuries. While proving the...

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visiting a doctor after an accident

Should I Go To The Doctor After A Car Accident During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

posted on Friday, June 19th, 2020 and is filed under Uncategorized

If you have been in a car accident during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are facing a tough situation. While you may hesitate to visit a doctor out of fear of the coronavirus, you will also have injuries that need to...

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injured while shopping

Injured While Shopping For Essentials At A Grocery Store? We Can Help You!

posted on Friday, June 12th, 2020 and is filed under Uncategorized

Even while the COVID-19 pandemic plays out across the country, that does not mean you can avoid going to the grocery store for various essentials. Unfortunately, despite social distancing, you may be injured while shopping. Whether this involves a slip...

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car crash accident

What If I Didn’t Go To The Doctor After My Accident? Do I Still Have A Case?

posted on Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 and is filed under Uncategorized

When you are involved in a car crash, you may not immediately go to the doctor. In many situations, you may not believe you sustained injuries. However, when you have suffered a concussion, whiplash, back injuries, or blunt force trauma...

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personal injury claim during covid

How COVID-19 Affects Your Personal Injury Claim

posted on Friday, June 5th, 2020 and is filed under Uncategorized

Should you get injured due to a slip and fall, defective product, or even a car accident during COVID-19, you may think you have few options regarding a personal injury lawsuit. However, this is not true. In fact, attorneys are...

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Tampa bus Injury lawyers

Bus Pile Up: Who is Responsible for Injury Compensation?

posted on Friday, March 27th, 2020 and is filed under Uncategorized

At the time of a motor vehicle accident, injured parties are not contemplating their legal rights and remedies. They have one objective: recover from what is often an extremely traumatic event. Bus accident cases magnify issues injured parties are forced...

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Tampa FL cruise ship injury lawyers

Cruise Ship Injuries and Accidents

posted on Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 and is filed under Personal Injury, Uncategorized

The world looked on at the horrifying case of an Indiana grandfather whose 18 month-old granddaughter fell to her death through an open window on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Thankfully, more attention is now being directed at injuries and...

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